Live casino games

Gambling establishments have existed almost always. At least we know for sure that they were in Greece, Rome, and China before our era.

At the same time, the format of the institution almost did not change until the 20th century:

  • Tables for games with cards, roulette or dice.
  • The croupier is the host of the games.

For centuries, the casino has been a place where you can play, and also chat. And despite scientific and technological progress, everything remained the same for a long time, and the principles of work did not change at all. Even if at some point the candles around the tables were changed to light bulbs.

The 20th century was a pick of the global changes in the gambling industry when slot machines appeared. The soulless "one-armed bandits" made a serious competition to the traditional casino formats, and some of these institutions added a slot machine hall to their "repertoire", while others completely turned into such halls.

With the advent of the Internet, everything has become even simpler: you can play slot machines without leaving your home, online:

  • Went to the site.
  • Made a bet.
  • Started the machine.
  • If you are lucky - brought the win.

Everything is extremely simple, almost nothing is needed to know since all of the game rules written on the pages of the website. Probably this made a lot of players began to nostalgic for the good old days when the casino was traditional. Thus, live casino games appeared.

Why live casino games are gaining popularity?

Standard online casinos without live casino games lack some of the main features that gamblers want to keep:

  • Lack of live communication. The player is not only physically at home, but on the site does not see anything but a slot machine or other casino game.
  • Lack of personal touch. The player often wants to feel that the game is with him - and the machine, according to the same algorithm, “serves” everyone.
  • The random number generator does not allow to show a player’s talents for games, because it does not involve the use of any skills.
  • And finally, many lovers of excitement justifiably do not trust the RNGs, because they suspect them of "tweaked" results.

All this causes longing for the good old casinos. However, such an institution is not always nearby. Some countries, only allow casinos in special areas on the outskirts of the country, so there are simply no gambling clubs in your hometown.

And even if there is an illegal underground casino, then going there is a risky business. Not to mention the fact that the luxury characteristic of such establishments completely absent.

In such a situation, live casino games come to rescue, which allows you to make a full virtual visit to a gambling establishment without leaving your home.

What does a live casino look like?

It is usually assumed that the player sees a live broadcast on the screen from a special room decorated following all the principles of a traditional casino: tables with games and live croupiers. Thanks to several cameras and high-quality video, the player gets the full "presence effect": he can sit down at the table opposite the dealer and see how he deals cards or starts roulette. At the same time, nothing prevents you from communicating with him or with other players.

Equipped game room

As a rule, this is a special studio where there are no strangers. Very rarely, a land-based casino installs cameras in its rooms.

Modern technology for video broadcasting and staff

Image quality is critical, so usually, HD or Full HD format is supported. There are several cameras: one gives a general plan, the second shows the croupier in large, the third is directed to the card table or roulette.

The attendants are not only operators and sound engineers, but also specialists performing additional functions:

  1. Control over financial transactions.
  2. Monitoring the behavior of the player and the dealer so that they do not violate the rules of the game.

Professional croupier

His playing skills must be higher than most players. If roulette differs little from a random number generator, then poker, for example, requires a very good knowledge of strategies and remarkable skill, otherwise losing is almost inevitable. And since the croupier cannot be sure that newcomers are playing against him, one must be prepared to ”fight back” even very strong players.

This is another reason why the format of live games is not too widespread: to find an experienced croupier with a presentable appearance is not so simple.

Live casino game - controls

This block is needed precisely to "convert" a regular table game into an online format. As a rule, the croupier applies each card to a special scanner before handing it over or using it in the game. This allows the player to see in a separate window how the game is going, including seeing their cards.

The game controls also insures against various errors that the croupier can make and from cheating on his part.

Usually, live casinos offer the following set of games:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Games with dice.

The set of specific games may vary, since some of the rooms may be unavailable at some times (for example during maintenance). But for any player, it’s not a problem to choose exactly what will be interesting to him.

We’ll talk about the nuances that you need to keep in mind when playing with any live casino game.

What is useful to remember for a live casino player

As with any gamble, first, you need to carefully read all the conditions of the service to subsequently avoid blocking and misunderstanding. But you also need to remember a few more points.

The game is the one thing, money is another

The croupier on the screen is just the gameplay, that is, the "animation" of the game plus its mechanics. As for the money, the dealer has no money, and he may not even know how much you bet on this game. A betting service that accepts your funds and pays out winnings exists separately.

By the way, and in land-based casinos, the croupier does not directly operate with money, since guests exchange them for chips before the start of the game, and then they can "convert" them back to money.

Attention to technical nuances

Firstly, to play in live casino games, you need fast internet, especially if you plan not only to see the dealer but also to broadcast your video from a webcam. The home Internet usually copes with this task, but the mobile one - not always. Not to mention that playing from a smartphone is only from places with a stable signal or Wi-Fi connection.

Before you start, you need to figure out exactly which windows you will see on your game screen. They are usually as follows:

  • The main one is video broadcasting.
  • Betting window.
  • Bet Timer.
  • Chat with other participants.
  • Technical support.

If you have any questions, they should be clarified in support so that you can start the game “fully armed” and not think about anything other than the strategy for your victory.

Study the features of the game

Someone might say, “I perfectly know the rules of poker.” However, there are several types of poker: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Lowball, and so on. Therefore, it does not hurt to read the rules directly on the platform where you are going to play. So, you can make sure that everything goes exactly in your usual format, and if not, keep that in mind.

You should be prepared for the fact that the bets at live casinos are usually high. One should not be surprised: everything that is required to organize such a format costs a lot of money, and you just need to pay back the work of several people. Therefore, you are unlikely to have the opportunity to bet $ 1 and take part in a live casino game.

Besides, unlike slots, a live game usually does not involve any demo version, all for the same reason. However, often you will be offered to watch for free how others play. This is enough to understand the principles of the game, to make sure that everything is honest, and also to feel the atmosphere of an almost real casino.

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