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Baccarat is a variation of the card game, which has its official beginning in France. It is worth noting that Baccarat is easy to learn and play.

The roots of the game relate it to countries such as Italy and Spain, where for the first time the action of this card game was seen in one of the Italian hotels.

The game had many ancestors, but one of the most famous was made by Felix Falguere, who in the Middle Ages lived on the island of Sicily. The main set of rules has not changed much since then, and the main difference was that in the past, Baccarat was played with tarot cards. To date, the game has been completely transferred to the virtual stage of online casinos and other gambling establishments.

How to play baccarat

The gameplay in Baccarat brings elegance, simplicity and light notes of familiar card games. A special identity and a set of unique rules contribute to the allocation of this game in a separate genre of virtual card games. Everyone who at least once tried this game for real or it’s virtual variation will clearly say that the game is able to attract attention, and you want to play it again and again.

Game process

The main goal when playing Baccarat is to predict and bet on a player or dealer. Another way to make a bet is to choose a draw in the game. The player needs to score the winning amount of points, close in the range to the number nine, it is in this case that you can become the winner in a particular hand.

Amounts of payments and accrual of winning bets are taken into account according to the presented coefficients:

  • Bet on the gambler - 2: 1;
  • Bet on the dealer - 2: 1 (minus 5% commission);
  • Draw - 9: 1.

It is worthwhile to understand that in this kind of game a draw is rare, which is why it has such a high ratio to payout. You should not often apply it in your game, but it is better to turn to bets on a player or dealer. The size of bets in the Baccarat is in the range from 0.1 cents up to $100. You can also place bets in other currencies offered, for example, in euros.

Appearance and interface

The simplicity and conciseness of the game interface are visible in everything. A simple virtual table in the shape of a horseshoe, at which one-on-one the dealer and the player are placed. Their main task is to play the game among themselves. And the task of the player in the process is to guess who will win (player or dealer). All chips are multi-colored. Each of them has its own face value and is taken into account when making bets.

The overall style of the game is made in a strict, classic visual presentation, where all the elements have the right places.

The graphics and the picture as a whole are pleasing the eye, the animation of the ongoing gameplay on the screen looks smooth and natural. Each element and designation of virtual cloth are drawn taking into account the smallest details. The user does not need to delve into the complex structure and rules, because the necessary minimum of information is always presented firsthand directly in front of the gamblers.

Features of the game in Baccarat

Same to all casino games, Baccarat has a slight advantage of a gambling establishment. To reduce this advantage in your favor, it is worth using a few simple features and tips:

  • Do not apply a bet on a draw, even despite its payout ratio is 9: 1;
  • By betting on a player, you will be in a more advantageous position, because there is no need to pay an additional commission from the dealer’s win;
  • Fewer decks increase the chances of winning, although this claim has not been proved.

Baccarat offers to get acquainted with a new kind of card game. Broaden your horizons and try to predict the prevailing result in a gambling duel between a player and a dealer. Which side do you choose?

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