Baccarat types

Baccarat is a popular gambling game with fairly simple rules, which is often chosen by Casinonic casino customers. Baccarat appeared in France in the 19th century. Its predecessors are Macao, Gabo, Ocho Gabo. Playing baccarat in the Casinonic will not be difficult if you deal with its rules.

The main goal of this gambling entertainment is to bet the player or dealer on winning by comparing two hands. There are three options for the outcome of the distribution of cards:

  1. Dealer Victory;
  2. Player victory;
  3. Draw.

Accordingly, the player in the casino must guess the winner of the gaming round and get chips for it. The one who gets the most points wins in the end.

There are the following types of baccarat games: Bank (Banque), Chammy (French baccarat, Chemin de fer), Punto Banco, Mini-Baccarat, Live Baccarat.

To understand the rules of any baccarat game type, you need to understand the value (in points) of each card:

  • cards from two to nine are considered at the indicated face value;
  • dozens and cards with pictures (except ace) give 0 points;
  • Ace brings the player 1 point.

The cards that are on hand are counted. The largest combination in the Baccarat set is 9 points. Cards are summarized as follows:

  • if a player or dealer has collected two fours - eight points will be in total;
  • if on hands, the eight and seven, then the player receives not 15, but 5 points (only the last digit is considered in this game).

Features of the game Punto Banco (Type of the Baccarat game)

This type of baccarat is the most popular in the casino, as players choose it more often. Here in the card deal the player (punto) and the dealer (banko) compete. That is, the client plays exclusively against the dealer and not the other visitor of the casino (for example during the play in a live variation of Baccarat game).

In total, this type of Baccarat has from 6 to 8 decks. Rules are the same as in all other Baccarat game types. However, casinos pay customers bets in this way:

  • Bet on the bank - 1 to 1, however, 5% of the balance is withdrawn by the casino;
  • Bet on punto - 1 to 1 without interest;
  • Bet for a draw - 8 to 1 or 9 to 1.

French baccarat (Chemin de fer)

Players of French casinos prefer Chemin de fer - the very first and original version of baccarat. Its rules are more complicated than in Punto Banco, which the French often call Mini Baccarat. Here the players do not play against the dealer but among themselves. And the casino, in turn, monitors compliance with the rules of the game process.

Cards in this game are selected from six decks, and one of the banks, who is also a banker, deals with them. The remaining players (punto) are waiting for their cards. The rank of Banko is alternately transferred to everyone. Distribution participants must place bets. As a result, the total bet of all puntos should be equal to the bet set by the Banko.

Baccarat Banque

The game involves 2, 3 or 4 decks of cards. The status of the banker here also alternately passes between the players. However, to convey a position, all decks must be used.

The banker's task is to deal with two cards to himself, as well as to the players who are on the right and left sides. Cards are evaluated here on the same principle as in other types of baccarat.

Thus, the basic principle of all varieties of this card game is the same - to guess the winner of the deal. The choice of the type of baccarat is exclusively a matter of taste for the casino client.

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