Baccarat with live dealers in the Casinonic casino

Baccarat at all times occupied a special place among all gambling and was very popular among casino players. High stakes, noble partners, unusual etiquette - all this created an unprecedented excitement around baccarat.

Reasons for unpopularity in online casinos

When the online casino hour struck, baccarat was among the first games. But the creators were disappointed when it turned out that in the virtual world the game is not so successful. And the problem was not in the mistrust of the players concerning the work of the RNG at an online casino. More precisely, this is not the main reason that the virtual baccarat has not received the same popularity as its living brother.

On the Internet, the game simply lost its original charm. Online baccarat did not become so exciting. Animated processes could not replace the work of real dealers. Players are unable to communicate with their opponents on the table, among which, as usual, there were only honorable people. It simply deprived users of a sense of belonging to an elite world. Online baccarat has lost its sophistication, has become very primitive. Although the rules have not changed, the intrigue has been lost.

Baccarat with live dealers

When the owners of online casinos introduced games with live dealers, baccarat was again one of the first to be provided to users. This should again raise the popularity of the game. Now real dealers are dealt cards right in front of the players. However, the possibilities of communicating with the players remained somewhat limited, but the baccarat began its second rebirth.

Baccarat with live dealers gives you the chance to feel like an aristocrat, but you don’t even need to get up from your sofa and dress up before the game. Plus, now you do not have to strictly follow the rules of etiquette, because the players are now anonymous. As a result, baccarat is once again at the peak of popularity. And thanks to the Internet, users from all over the world began to play it, even from those countries where the game was never in demand.

Casinos with real dealers offer players a classic version of baccarat, as well as mini-baccarat and a version of Punto Banco. As a rule, a commission of 5% is charged on a win at a placed bet on a banker. Now in the Casinonic casino, you can find unusual versions that are not used in real institutions. For example, these are Lucky Pair Baccarat, Premium Baccarat, Zero Commission Baccarat, etc.

Disadvantages of online baccarat with a real croupier

If the advantages of baccarat are immediately visible, the disadvantages of the live online version are not so obvious and appear only during the game. We will not talk about the speed of the Internet and its prices, because now every day the situation in this regard is becoming more favorable. Breaks in communication also do not affect the game, unlike, for example, blackjack. After all, you pay one bet and do not impact on the outcome of the cards dealt.

The main discontent among the players is the slow speed of the game with live dealers. Because everything is done manually, the gameplay is very slow and very annoying and tiring to some users.

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