Live dealer baccarat types

The classic live American version of baccarat is known to most gamblers. And this is not strange, because it is the most popular. But the fact that there are many varieties of this game, not everyone knows. For example, the existence of a live mini-baccarat, nine, Macao, Chemin-de-fer, Punto Banko, many has not heard of. All these types of live baccarat can renew the interest of the players since each of them has several individual characteristics.

The main differences from the classic version of live baccarat:

  • Bets and cards distribution takes place according to other rules;
  • During the game round, a different number of decks is used (from one to eight, 52 cards in each can be used);
  • In each version, a different number of players is allowed to play in one game;
  • Differ in the minimum and maximum threshold for bets;
  • Winnings are paid according to individual rules;
  • The dealer has different options.
  • The main point, namely the calculation of the results, remained unchanged. To win, players need to accumulate nine points or their numbers close to this number.

There are also such differences:

  • The size of the bank can be set by the institution or accumulate during the betting process by players.
  • The concept of "third card" may have different designations.

Next, we will consider the features of the most popular types of live baccarat games.

The live version of the Chemin de fer game

This one is quite popular in European countries. It can be found in almost all institutions. The main difference is that the casino does not take part in the game as a participant. Its main task is to provide players with the necessary equipment and control the game process to ensure that all the rules are followed and their violations are eliminated.

The bank is managed by the players. This right is transmitted in a circle. The amount of the bank is not limited to the institution and consists of money supplied by the participants. In turn, the casino takes 5% of its size as a commission. At the beginning of the game process, the bank goes to the participant who bet the most. The player who sits to his right may be the first to play the full amount. If the banker loses, the card box passes to the participant located to his right.

The rule of the third card has the following differences:

  • The player can leave him 6-7 points.
  • A player has the right to use the buy-in if he scored less than four points from two cards.
  • If a player has exactly five points, he has the right to decide whether to use the buy-in or leave everything as it is.
  • After the player announces his intention, the banker decides whether he can use the buy-in. If the banker scored more points than his competitor, he gets all the bets. The latter also has the right to own a bank. In the event of an opposite outcome of the game, the competitor takes the wagered amount and the winning in an amount equal to his bet rate. The bank goes to the player sitting on the right side of the losing banker.
  • A player with a bank can exit the game by giving the right to the bank to any other participant. Only after that, he will be able to get the money won.

Live European baccarat

This variety differs from the American version in the following:

  • The participant who scored five points has the right to choose independently whether to use the buy-in or not;
  • The size of the bank is set by the institution;
  • In case of victory of the player who bet on the banker, he is obliged to pay a casino commission in the amount of 4-5% of the winnings.

Live Baccarat Punto Banco

In this version, there are special fields with a markup on which the game is played. Six or eight card decks are used. No more than sixteen players can participate. The casino dealer manages the game process. Betting is allowed on a dealer, player or draw. The winner is the participant who collects the number of points closer to the 9.

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