Blackjack types

Blackjack is preferred by many gamblers. It is common on almost all continents, while in different countries the rules of the game may vary slightly. However, it does not become less exciting, on the contrary, fans of blackjack get the opportunity to try out new varieties of this game of chance. Here is a list of the most popular blackjack types around the world.

Blackjack classic: twenty-one. This option is a real duel between the player and the dealer. In this case, the player does not have the opportunity to double his bet, insurance or Split. In case of a win, he receives an amount equal to the bet rate.

Perfect Pair. This version of the game is for true adrenaline lovers. Five decks of cards are involved in the game, as an additional bonus there is the opportunity to make another bet. Moreover, if after the first deal you have two cards of the same suit in your hands and the face value, you are lucky and you can receive 25 times the amount you wager as a win.

Blackjack Switch. After the first deal of cards, the player has the right to exchange any two cards with the dealer. The croupier does not take additional cards if he already has 17 points in his hands. The player can take advantage of the bonus and make a Super Match bet with closed cards. If two cards coincide, the win will be equal to the size of the bet. If three cards match, you will be paid a win in a rate of x5. Two pairs will bring you a win eight times the amount of the bet. The maximum possible win is 40 times the bet. To do this, the player must match four pairs of cards.

Twenty-one (Spanish version). The Spanish card deck consists of 48 cards, with the exception of dozens. If both the croupier and the client scored the “21”, the victory is awarded to the player, not the casino. The size of the winnings is inversely proportional to the number of cards from which the player received twenty-one. If you managed to collect the required number of points with just five cards, the win will be 3 to 2. With six cards with the sum of 21 points the payout will be 3 to 1, and with seven - 2 to 1. You can break the jackpot in the amount of 50: 1 by collecting on hands of three sevens.

Blackjack double. Cards of the dealer are opened immediately after the deal. After that, players can double their bets. You can insure yourself three to one. If at the dealer the blackjack combo out on two cards (ten and ace), the player loses the bet, but receives a “double attack”. At the same time, you can increase the bet on a card of any face value, including split aces.

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