High Stakes Blackjack

High Stakes Blackjack - uses two classic fifty-two-sheet card decks without jokers. They are re-shuffled before each card distribution.

Only one box is allowed to play High Stakes Blackjack. You can bet from twenty dollars up to one thousand.

We will not consider the general rules of blackjack, as there is a separate article about them available at Casinonic casino. We will only touch on the features of the game:

  • The dealer gives himself one card, which he puts face down.
  • The dealer stops at any 17 points.
  • You can only double on “hard” 9, 10 and 11 points.
  • After split there is no double available.
  • You can split cards of the same denomination (different cards with a value of 10 points cannot be Split).
  • Split is allowed once.
  • With an open Ace at the dealer you can insure against blackjack.
  • Surrender is not provided by the rules of the High Stakes Blackjack game.
  • Payouts at High Stakes Blackjack are traditional. The usual winning box is paid 1: 1, blackjack - 3: 2, insurance - 2: 1.

How to play High Stakes Blackjack

There are not many buttons on the game control panel of High Stakes Blackjack. Here is description of the all interface icons and buttons available in-game:

  • Deal - deal cards
  • Stand - stop the collection of cards
  • Split - split cards into two boxes
  • Double - double bet
  • -/ + - select a bet size
  • Help - open game rules

There are also information windows:

  • Bet - bet size
  • Ins - insurance amount
  • Win - win amount
  • Credits - account status
  • The only option for user settings is the ability to mute the sound.

Of course, High Stakes Blackjack is a variation for players who like to very high betting limits, since not everyone can afford to risk even twenty dollars for a hand.

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