Live dealer blackjack

Real blackjack fans are familiar with the popular game strategies, but the gameplay modification with a real croupier has its characteristics. There are several important differences in the live dealer blackjack version from the classic online version. Also, players are free to communicate with each other here and ask questions to the dealer. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with our tips that will help you feel confident at the blackjack game table with a live dealer.

It is useless to keep a card counting

Like any online version of blackjack, it is impossible to use a card count strategy in a game with a real dealer, because after the end of the deal, all cards are automatically mixed and re-shuffled. Having seen the croupier shuffling the cards on the monitor screen, it can be assumed that in this version of the game there is still a chance for applying the card count strategy, as in ordinary gambling establishments. However, if the dealer uses six decks, then after distributing three of them, he shuffles all the cards, which prevents any attempts of counter players to get a win with the help of their skills.

Do not get carried away talking with the dealer too much

Most often, a very pretty girl works at the virtual blackjack table like a dealer. It is not by chance that gambling establishments choose precisely such employees. With such a decision, casinos are trying to bring down the concentration of male players, as a result of which they begin to make rash decisions. It is worth noting that a large number of gamblers often begin to carry on enthusiastic conversations with the dealer, forgetting about their main goal and the strategy chosen earlier. The participant makes major mistakes and eventually loses.

Learn basic blackjack strategies

Some inexperienced gamblers may call blackjack a very simple game, but it is not. It is really important to know the system of rules here, as well as being able to apply a basic strategy before starting a game with a real dealer. If you only partially understand the basics of the basic blackjack strategy but still sit down at the game table, then you should not expect to win, since a virtual institution receives more than 3% of the advantage in this game.

Effective Bankroll Management

Gambling clubs with real croupiers offer their visitors a game in the company of pretty lady dealers and create the atmosphere of a real land-based casino, but in any case, do not forget about the right bankroll management in blackjack. Before starting the game, you need to formulate an action plan that will be strictly implemented. For example, your bankroll is $ 200. You decide that you leave the table if you win $ 50 or in a situation of losing $ 275. You determine the boundaries yourself.

So, strictly adhere to the basic blackjack strategy and do not forget to use bankroll management, only then you will be able to enjoy the gameplay, and earn a lot of money.

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