Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack was named after the famous Las Vegas Strip, located in Las Vegas. Its length is 6.5 km. it stretches along Russell's highway, near Sahara Avenue. It is here that the most chic and prestigious casinos around the world are located. In Las Vegas, the Strip prefix is added to hotels and casinos located on the famous boulevard.

Blackjack is the most popular game in all the institutions of the city, so every casino tries to diversify the rules in its own way. Thus, they attract players who are willing to try out a new modification of the game with pleasure. In order not to confuse classic Blackjack with the modification of Vegas Strip, you need to pay attention to the rules located in a special table in-game.

Vegas Strip Blackjack is essentially a standard game with little additions to the rules. The blackjack dealer checks the combination first at himself, and then at the other participants. He also stands at any 17 points.

Features of Vegas Strip Blackjack

Rules for splitting aces:

  • Split aces are allowed only once;
  • In the event that a dozen is dealt by the second card after splitting the aces, the collected combination is not considered as blackjack, but simply goes 21 points;
  • When splitting, one card is given;
  • Cards with a face value of 10 points can be Split;
  • Three card Split is not allowed (for a total of up to 4 hands).

Doubling rules:

  • You can double the bet on the first two cards dealt;
  • After Split, the rules allow you to do a double;
  • The doubling size corresponds to the initial bet.

Insurance Rules

Casinos are given the opportunity to purchase insurance before the start of the game and if the dealer gets an ace with the first card. Insurance is considered lost if the dealer did not collect the blackjack combination.

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