Online Craps

Craps is a game of chance, where a couple of dice is the instrument of the game. Today, there are several dozen variations of online craps games. One of the most popular varieties is classic online craps, where bets are placed on the outcome of a roll of dice.

Numerous betting options, high odds and the level of return are features that distinguish craps from other games. Using the example of online craps, we can explain the basic principles of dice games. And those who want to quickly and safely learn the rules can play craps online for free and for real money here at the Casinonic website.

Description of online craps

Incomprehensible terms, the intricate design of the playing field, divided into several sectors, numerous bets and the principles of their application - novice users are often confused by such features. Online craps are one of the easiest online casino entertainments available in the world.

The main goal in the game is to guess the number of points that fell on the dice. At the first stage, users need to master two basic types of bets:

  1. Pass Line is the easiest and most popular craps bet. If 7 or 11 fell on the dice, you win, when 2, 3 or 12 appear, you lose. Other numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, or 9 are declared points. Further, when playing craps, the dice continues to play until the combination of Point, which brings you victory or 7, means a loss for the player.

For example, two and four fell on the dice. The total number 6 is declared a point. The dice roll until you receive 6 again or before 7 (if you get seven – you’ll lose). In the first case, the victory is assigned to you, in the second - to the casino.

The odds ratio is 1: 1.

  1. Don’t Pass - the reverse bid of the previous one. In this situation, the user puts on a drop of 2, 3 or 12. And 7 or 11 leads to a loss. The point system operates on a principle identical to that in the above example. The size of the win is calculated 1 to 1 concerning the bet.

According to statistics, in both versions, the casino receives insignificant advantages over the user who wants to play craps online: 1.41% and 1.36% with Pass Line and Don’t Pass, respectively.

After determining the point, the gambler can make various additional bets. In total, the game has about forty of the bet’s options.

However, inexperienced players are encouraged to start mastering craps with basic bets. It’s easier and safer to learn the rules if you play craps for free first.

How to start playing craps online

Setting up and launching an online game of craps is almost no different from managing ordinary gaming slots. Before the start of the game, the size and type of bet are determined. For this, a chip of the desired value is selected and placed in the corresponding sector. The range of bets in the demo versions varies on average between 0.01-100 demo credits per shot. Next, click on the Roll key.

To enjoy the fun, you don't have to know all kinds of bets. Mastering the skill of playing craps is recommended: "from simple to complex." Start playing with Pass Line, master the game and then play for real. Over time, it will be possible to understand the other intricacies of craps and master other types of dice games.

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