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It’s already difficult to surprise a modern gambler with something in gambling, that is why developers of casino games are trying their best to satisfy the demands of their consumers. Casinonic casino provides a fairly extensive list of entertainment, using exclusively the products of world-famous companies. One of the leaders in the production of gaming software is Microgaming Corporation, which has become an example for many developers. Another successful development of Microgaming was the Craps Privee casino game, known to everyone as a dice game. Fans of this game know that it appeared even long before the equally popular poker or slot machine. In those days, the main entertainment of all gamblers was dice. Small cubes with simple dots on the edges were delightful, gave incredible emotions, but most importantly - they made ordinary people rich. Today, this entertainment is no less in demand, especially since it is also presented in a new format called Craps Privee.

Craps Privee - Game Description

If you've never been to a real casino, then the Craps Privee game will help you to feel the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment right at your place. On the screen, the user will see a gambling table with red cloth. The corresponding marking with sectors for bets is marked on the red field. For its design, white and yellow colors were used to make it easier for the player to navigate. Chips of different denominations and colors are placed in the lower right corner of the game, which will be used to determine the size of the bet. The game is controlled using special function keys that are located at the bottom of the screen. Current information will be displayed in separate cells. Each action is accompanied by a certain sound. You will not hear other sounds than that, nothing will prevent you from enjoying the game process.

An interface in Craps Privee

For a beginner, the Craps Privee will seem very complicated, but over time, having studied its rules, it will be easier to win decent amounts of money in it. The goal of the game is that the user must guess which combination will give the dice on the field and make a bet that will bring victory. Chips of different denominations are offered for payment - 1, 2, 5, as well as 10, 20, 50, and even 100, 200, 500. The classic rules of the popular dice game are based on the standard Craps game. Therefore, it also distinguishes two stages: the first, under the name - Come Out Roll, and the second - Point Roll. On the first roll of the dice, the Point number will be indicated. If the sum on the edges is from 4 to 10, then Point will be fixed, and the game will proceed to the next stage. If the dice rolled out 2, 3 or 12, then the loss is counted. The numbers 7, as well as 11, mean the victory of the player, and he receives the right to the next move.

At the second stage of the game, the user will be able to roll dice until the result is the number 7 or the Point number, which was determined at the first stage.

In the Craps Privee game, the following bets are provided, which correspond to the cells on the gaming table. Pass Line - a bet that is acceptable for the first stage. Victory is counted to the player if 7 or 11 fell on the face of the dice, loss at - 2,3,12. The Point number allows you to continue the round and wins if it fell before the number seven.

Don’t Pass Line - the winning numbers are 2 and 3, the loss at - 7 and 11, the refund at 12. It will also bring victory if the number seven falls before the end of the round before Point.

Come - possible at any stage. The victory is brought by the numbers seven and 11, the loss is credited at 2, 3 and 12. Other amounts will be determined as Come Point, and the bet will occupy the corresponding sector and will bring victory if Come Point will roll out earlier than the number 7.

Don’t Come - the numbers 2 and 3 bring income, the loss counts at 7 or 11.

Pass Line Odds is an additional bet to improve Pass Line. Payment is made in the following order: in the case of 4 and 10 - 2 to 1, 5 and 9 - 3 to 2, 6 and 8 - 6 to 5. Under the same scheme, additional deposits are paid - Come Odds, Don't Pass Line Odds as well as Don't Come Odds.

  • Win - bet on the number that will appear before 7.
  • Lose - bet on a number that may fall after seven.
  • Hard Way - involves paying for a combination of dice: 2 + 2, 3 + 3, 4 + 4, 5 + 5 before 7.
  • The Big Six bet is on the probability of a six falling before the seven, and Big Eight is on the fact that the number eight is ahead of the seven.
  • Any Craps bet - numbers 2, 3, 12.
  • Field - a combination of numbers is paid - two, three, four, or 9, 10, 11 or 12.
  • Craps Two - bet on the number 2.
  • Craps Twelve - a bet on probability 12.
  • Craps Three - Waiting for the next roll 3.
  • Any Seven - on the number 7.
  • Eleven (E) - the probability of the occurrence of the number 11.

To start a round in the Craps Privee game, you should select a chip with the amount that you are willing to spend for the bet. Then decide which fields will be bet on, and place chips on them. And now you can roll the dice, for this, press the Roll/Start key on the control panel. If you decide to change the arrangement of the chips on the playing field, then they can be removed using the CLEAR button or UNDO, which will clear the field and you can make a bet in a new way. If you want to repeat the same bet on the next round, then click on the REPEAT button.

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