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Quickfire is known for its high-quality products. The manufacturer’s collection includes video slots with non-standard stories, several types of video poker and other casino games. Products from Quickfire are bright, modern in design and creative-themed games. A modern user is a demanding person. The Quickfire systematically explores the market and offers users new options for online entertainment. Among such developments is the game of Craps Pro.

Craps got into the online space from real gambling clubs. In such clubs, this game takes place on a table with high sides. The player rolls the dice with markings. Each side of the dice has dots from one to six. The sum of the dots affects the winnings. The principles of real craps preserved in the Craps Pro. Those who are familiar with the Craps game will be able to immediately start playing Craps Pro. Thanks to the Quickfire, beginners will discover a new kind of gambling pastime.

Craps Pro - Description of the Game

On the screen in front of the user is an absolute imitation of a real craps table. The same sectors, the same familiar green color of cloth, chips also come from there. Even the principle of high sides is respected - it is visible during the throw-in of the dice. Animation effects in the Craps Pro help to reproduce the real game of craps. The throw-in of the dice, the movement of the chips looks realistic. For greater resemblance, the game is accompanied by a voice-over.

From the necessary information, the screen shows the player’s balance, the size of the bet and the winnings.

Craps Pro - Interface Description

There is a non-standard approach to choosing a bet in craps. The bet is determined before the game, on the main screen. Then chips are assigned to specific sectors. During the game: in the first and the second stages - the bet can be adjusted. Each sector involves winning in special proportions: you need to study the betting scheme in detail before making real money bets. You can check the complete description of bets and paytable inside of the game by clicking on the Menu/Help option.

Craps is a two-step process. The first is Come Out Roll - the actual throw-in of dice for determining points (the point is the sum of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 12 on the sides of the dice). The second - Point Roll - is a series of throws on which the win depends. If a Point of seven falls, the game returns to its primary position.

Game Description

The first step in Craps Pro from Quickfire is to indicate the level of the bet on the first screen. Then in this range, you can take chips. The necessary action at the initial stage is the specification of the main bet rate. You need to choose one of the possible outcomes: Pass Line will orient the game to the player’s victory; Don't Pass Line - this is an option opposite of Pass Line.

The rest of the bets are viewed directly on the field, many of them have pop-up tips.

It is difficult for the player to guess which combination will be the next, so the bet is most often an intuitive process. Still, some tips from experienced players will be helpful. For example, it is believed that the initial Don't Pass Line bet is more attractive for a player, because 2/3 bring a win and a draw is reached from 12. Craps experts recommend sticking to individual strategies in the game (using the five-point method, the strategy of the iron cross, etc.). some users are sure that you should not delve into all the intricacies of craps, it’s enough to get used to most valuable bets/sectors and constantly put on them.

Craps Pro is a fun game. A variety of gameplay is guaranteed by different types of bets. Everything is clear - decide on a bet, throw dice, get the result. The variant from Quickfire is worked out based on classic rules. The online game stands out with realistic graphics and high-quality animation. The positive point is the choice of the level of the bet. All in all, an attractive, lively game.

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