How to play craps for beginners

Craps - this long-popular game conquered a large number of gambling hearts with its unpredictability, its huge impulses of passion: huge victories and unexpected losses.

Purpose of the game

To score more points than the opponent, which will lead to victory: big or not depends on the bet.

Rules of the game

For the game, two hexagonal dice are given, each side of which contains numbers from one to six. Before the start of the throw, the player needs to make a bet: more than the opponent’s points, or less - everything is simple. The standard coefficient is 2.0. The final number is obtained in the course of a combination of two dice. Dice pass from players from left to right.

Interesting to know

Dice was forbidden for a long time because It was a gold mine for scammers and swindlers. For the game to be fair, all the faces of the cubes must be perfectly even, which gave a bad idea, and then a bad example: the sides of the cubes were heavily weighted, which made it more likely that one or another number would fall out, naturally, in favor of scammer. In an online casino, however, this is impossible to do, since each throw of dice is worked out with Random Number Generator. That is why it’s best to play craps in the online casino.

How to be successful during a craps game

  1. Loss is always possible - do not forget about it. Even if you have been winning for a long time - do not risk betting large amounts of money, because the chances are 50% to 50%. That is how many lose: seeing a successful winning combination, some people, believing that they win, bet the whole bankroll, and therefore may lose the bet.
  2. Keep in mind or write down the most successful bets, in the future they will help in drawing up your tactics, which, in admixture with the experience of the game, will give the desired result. The main thing is not to overdo it, as well as not to be greedy. Greed gives rise to defeat.
  3. Result or process?! If the result is most important to you - be bolder in your tactics, put more to win bigger amounts of money. However, if the game process attracts you more than the result - make small bets to stretch the fun of the game.
  4. Follow the Anti-Martingale system. After each win, increase the bet, and after each loss, on the contrary, decrease. This will help you to lose a smaller amount of money and stretch the bank for a longer period of game time, which will help you to get greater results in terms of bankroll in the end.

Besides, there are also strategies for playing craps, which, if used correctly, can reduce the casino advantage by many percents, and also help you to win a good amount of money. But again, everything ultimately depends on experience, thoughtfulness, and diligence: without this, there is no way to achieve anything in your life.

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