Roulette 3D

Any modern casino (virtual or real) is simply required to have roulette available. Otherwise, potential customers may consider the service inferior, and will not even want to visit an authoritative institution. Roulette is very popular among gamblers, so the developers of virtual software are constantly finding ideas for improving it.

The changes most often relate to the interface, since the innovations in the rules are rather complicated, and users may not like the changes that have been accepted for many years. The result of this work is colorful, functional and comfortable games. Playtech’s 3D Roulette boasts one of the most impressive interfaces.

3D Roulette Game Overview

3D Roulette is a representative of classic European roulette, where there is a standard playing field and one Zero. The main advantage of the game is the features in the image of the roulette wheel. It occupies half the screen and is made in 3D. It should be noted that some nuances will appeal to novice users. 3D Roulette uses classic rules. The player has the following inside and outside bets for certain odds:

  • Straight Up - one number (estimated 35: 1)
  • Split - two numbers (paid 17: 1)
  • Street - three numbers (the ratio is 11: 1)
  • Square - bet on four numbers (estimated 8: 1)
  • Line - the loss of six numbers (paid 5: 1)
  • Column - column (coefficient is 2: 1)
  • Dozen - a dozen loss (estimated casino 2: 1)
  • Even / Odd-even / odd (coefficient is 1: 1)
  • Red / Black - red or black (paid 1: 1)
  • (1-18) / (19-36) - large and small numbers (the coefficient is 1: 1).

When the Zero sector falls, all outside bets automatically lose. The player can also bet on the sector (only Tiers du Cylindre and Voisins du Zero are available), red and black splits, and neighboring numbers. The one number bet is in the range of 10-50 dollars, and one spin accepts amounts of 0.10-3000 dollars. We will not describe the game process in detail since everything happens similarly to traditional European roulette.

3D roulette interface features

In 3D Roulette, the main element of the interface is a three-dimensional wheel, which is located at the bottom of the screen. It is very colorful and looks impressive, although the developers did not set themselves the task of achieving the most realistic image. The trajectory of the ball on the track with bounces in different directions, most likely, will seem a little far-fetched to you. In a real casino, balls do not jump so much and move much faster. However, this does not affect the overall positive impression of the game.

The scheme of the playing field is located above the roulette wheel, here you can make bets. On the left is a track where there are bets on the sector, neighbors, red or black splits. The player’s toolbar is also located here. In this sector, there are chips with different denominations that allow you to choose the size of the bet; the buttons are Spin, Clear, Cancel and Repeat. Current information on maximum / minimum bets and winnings is shown above the field layout. The latest winning numbers are displayed under the roulette wheel. Nearby are the buttons Paytable and Settings.

Settings in 3D Roulette mainly relate to the external design of roulette. The user can enable/disable shadows, remove some wheel details, etc. There is an option to completely disable the animation, which allows you to increase the speed of the game. Although then it makes no sense to choose exactly 3D roulette.

Playtech developers managed to create an interesting and colorful roulette with convenient controls. The game will surely appeal to all connoisseurs of traditional European roulette, and beginners can use the hint option and learn in detail all the features of the 3D roulette game.

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