American Roulette at the Casinonic online casino

American roulette calls into the world of American freedom and good luck, along with American Roulette you can easily join Las Vegas and even feel its atmosphere.

Playing on the American Roulette virtual game, users find themselves in a fascinating gambling world where, from the moment the ball is launched into the track until it falls out on the number sector, the hearts of gamblers beat with trepidation much faster.

The exact information about the origin of roulette is still not known. According to the source, for the first time, this game appeared in England, at the beginning of the XVIII century. After gambling leisure spread throughout Europe, reaching Paris, Monte Carlo and Rome. The name of the game must be interpreted from the French language, which means “small wheel” in translation.

Nowadays, roulette is widespread on all continents, reaching the United States, Australia, and the Eastern region.

How to play American Roulette

Various variations of the game that have survived to this day offer a palette of rules and key features related to European, American, French and mini roulette. You play roulette with or without zero, play the game in sectors, or just guess the red/black, this exciting leisure allows time around you to stop, favorably allowing the gambler to plunge into the magical world of excitement.

Transferring the gameplay and the basics of the gameplay to the virtual spaces of casinos and gambling clubs, classic roulette has not lost its relevance. On the contrary, it has become popular with a wide range of Internet users who want to relax at home, at the computer or laptop, to get their portion of pleasant and vivid emotions, in a light and unobtrusive atmosphere of gambling.

The authors of American Roulette online wanted to realize the American dream - to become fabulously rich and independent of money. Achieve everything at once.

The variation of everyone's favorite roulette is not inferior in any way to its eminent and more common European model. American Roulette is perfect for both beginners in the world of virtual emulators and games in online casinos, and professional gamblers who spend their strength, money and time playing against a dealer.

The track on American roulette is divided into 38 positions. The key feature of this game in front of other types of roulette is the two special Zero sectors, with the designation Zero and Double Zero. According to mathematical calculation, such an approach significantly reduces a player’s chances of success in the game. But it seems only at first glance, because having the identical principle of playing the game, American roulette offers unique differences in gameplay. Here, participants can also guess the number, sector, and color.

The virtual table is divided into two distinctive sectors. The inner sector is in the center of the table. On it are marked numbers that correspond to the sectors on the roulette wheel. Guessing specific numbers, the user gets the opportunity to significantly increase the initial bet. But the chances of winning in such a game are small because a large selection of numbers acts according to the laws of statistics and mathematical analysis against the player. The chances of winning are 1/38. The payout amount for the number is 35/1 if successful.

The internal field, in addition to bets on the number, has additional groups of numbers that cover the range of marked values on the track field. In this case, the participant’s chances are significantly increased, but the winning amount is proportionally reduced, reducing the final coefficient to 1/3.

In addition to betting on a number in US version of the roulette, a dozen or a color, external fields allow betting on an even or odd number. The standard ratio for these bets is small and refers to each other as 2: 1 or 1: 1.

In order to become a successful player, and get money on your account, you must follow a few simple and universal rules:

  • Treat the game of roulette as a means of earning, in all seriousness;
  • Do not place bets on specific numbers too often, because in this case, the user's chances of winning are much lower than the casino;
  • Gain experience and play on free versions of the game. In this case, you can avoid unnecessary and commonplace mistakes that players make at the initial stage of the game.

Final Tips for Playing American Roulette

Giving your time and energy to the game, you want to receive a monetary reward from it. This is logical because, in addition to purposefulness, you contribute your own money. Applying these tips described above, everyone who plays at American Roulette gets a unique opportunity to become a professional gambler and get a tangible income.

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