European Roulette at the Casinonic online casino

European Roulette is a virtual internet roulette that can give pleasant minutes of bubbling adrenaline, and if successful, give a lucky player a large amount of money for the win.

A large variety of presented tables for the game has long been common in virtual gaming clubs. Each variety brings its own special features to the gameplay. There are many European, North American, Eastern, and other roulette game variations. There are versions with Zero, without it, with additional bonus bets and payouts as well as Mini roulette games. No matter what roulette you play, the main thing is the promising opportunities that it can give to the player. The basis is the ability to win and enjoy the game, based on constant and unbridled excitement. Observing and balancing on these two factors is the only way to build a winning game in a casino on European roulette.

How to play European Roulette

Based on European rules, the virtual European Roulette has an excellent visual style, a good base for bets, a calculation for playing on sectors and a good percentage of winnings. Approaching from the side of strict statistical calculations and mathematical analysis, the software developers managed to create a truly perfect version of the European roulette game, similar and imitating the actions of a live gambling table.

The basis of the game is built around the rotation of roulette. All action takes place according to classical roulette rules. For a more detailed description, it is worth analyzing the main points of the game. The player can put a bet in the range from 1 cent up to 100 dollars at the user's choice during the game before the ball begins to spin in roulette.

All additional supporting information and the size of the ranges for bets are located in the pop-up window that is displayed when you hover and click the mouse on the table icon next to the roulette wheel. The choice of bet and outcome option depends only on the user.

Visuals of European Roulette

The visual style of the European Roulette is simple and informative. Among the control buttons on the panel, there are keys for repeating a bet made in the previous round, a button for clearing the field, doubling the bet, and so on. The process of managing and activating all game modes will not cause difficulties and complaints in the work.

The latest information on winning numbers is present in the upper right corner of the menu, as well as a zoomed image of a part of the roulette wheel with a winning number. After trying the game on the virtual fields of numbers, a wave of excitement will swallow you with your head. The main thing is to do everything right, wisely and slowly.

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