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With its unique charm, the French Roulette gradually captures more and more gambling hearts, because with the French Roulette the player’s risk is minimized.

Roulette has long been rightly called the queen of gambling. The game appeared in Europe at the end of the 18th century. Almost immediately after the appearance, Roulette won crazy popularity in the institutions of the old world and brought a lot of money to all owners of the gambling halls.

Unlike many modern games, roulette has changed very little. Only a few rules and varieties have appeared.

Roulette can be divided into two large types: European and American. Outwardly, they differ only in the presence of one (European) or two (American) fields with zero. But if you delve deeper into the rules, you can see that in the US game some European bets are impossible, but instead of them, there are those that are possible only in an American version of the game.

Also, in European, there are many varieties, one of which is French roulette. French Roulette is rightly called the most profitable and loyal to the player among all other versions. You can play French roulette at the Casinonic website for free and for real money.

How to play French Roulette

The very first difference between French Roulette is its appearance. All inscriptions are made in French, which is a surprise for an inexperienced person.

For those who are not familiar with the French language, it is recommended to learn basic phrases in French, as they are useful in any case:

  • Pair - Even;
  • Impair - oddly enough, odd;
  • Mangue - the first 19 digits. First half;
  • Passe - numbers from 19 to 36. The second half.

There are no more visual differences from ordinary European roulette; there is no French counterpart. All the same numbers from 1 to 36, all the same, one zero on the field.

But besides the visual, there are still differences in the rules and bet rates. It is because of rules and bets many players love French Roulette so much.

The La Partage rule is the most profitable feature of French roulette for players. This rule allows you to refund half of the bet if Zero drops on the roulette field. This rule applies only when playing on equal chances. Accordingly, if you use this option, you can protect yourself from losses associated with the drop of zero.

Another interesting rule, which also protects the player from unforeseen losses from Zero, when playing for equal chances is En Prison. This is the so-called freeze of the player’s bet. If Zero will drop on the roulette wheel when playing for equal chances, the player’s bet is transferred to the next round. Thus, the casino can win only if the Zero falls twice in a row, and the probability of this is 1 to 1296. Not very often, players lose such bets.

French roulette bets and profits

It's time to talk about bet rates. In French Roulette, you can find both regular European bets and specific bets to this type of game.

Let's start with the standard ones.

  1. Equal odds bets (Payments occur 1 to 1):
  • Even or odd;
  • Red or black;
  • Half rate. The first is 1-18, the second is 19-36.
  1. Bet on dozens or columns. Payouts 2 to 1.
  2. Bet on any number. Payout 1 to 35
  • Bet on two numbers at once;
  • Bet on three numbers at once;
  • Bet on four numbers at once with a cross;
  • A bet on four numbers at once squared;
  • Bet on six numbers that are on two lines. Payments in each case are calculated separately.

Now about the specific bets that can only be found in the French Roulette:

  • Voisins du Zero. Very interesting bet. The player bets on 17 numbers that surround the zero on the table;
  • Tiers du Cylindre. Bet on 12 numbers opposite to zero;
  • Bet on the remaining eight numbers;
  • Finales en Plein. A specific bet in which a player bets on all numbers ending in the same number. 5,15,25,35;
  • Finales a Cheval: Almost the same as the previous one, but in this case, the player bets on numbers ending in two different digits. For example: 4,6,14,16,24,26,34,36.

In each case, the odds are calculated differently, and even for one bet, they may vary.

French Roulette is rightfully the most convenient for the player. In addition to the fact that there are ways in it that protect the player from unnecessary losses when playing on equal chances, there are several interesting bets in it that can bring huge profits.

Playing roulette is very interesting and fun, even after the hundredth game. People who are tired of slot machines, in which the user's role is limited to pressing one or two buttons, will be able to find for themselves what they have been looking for - an opportunity to influence the course of events.

It depends on each of your decisions in French Roulette whether you win or lose. The win depends entirely on the players.

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