How to Play Live Dealer Roulette?

A game called roulette is known to anyone. This game is often portrayed in films, games, but in general, it is a symbol of any casino. Today it’s not necessary to go somewhere to play this wonderful game. Live Roulette is available to everyone online. Starting a game in Casinonic virtual casino is not difficult, and you will find a lot of information on the site about how to start playing live roulette for real money in a few simple steps.

What is live roulette and how to play it?

The player’s task is to guess the number, range of numbers or color (depending on the bet) at which the ball will stop after roulette rotation. The table may seem very large and complex, but the principle of the game is very simple.

Choose the desired number of chips and decide where to put them. It doesn’t matter in which live roulette version you will play for money, the table structure is the same everywhere (French and American roulette have few differences, but bets are same) - numbers from 1 to 34, a single number 0 (zero), 3 rows of numbers from 1 to 34, from 2 to 35 and from 3 to 36, the first “twelve“ (1-12), the second “twelve” (13-24), the third “twelve“ (25-36). There is also the possibility of betting on numbers from 1 to 18 or more, or 19 to 36 or less, and the last, very popular simple option is bet on Red or Black.

After you’ve made your bet in live roulade, the croupier puts the ball and starts the roulette, naturally, the outcome of each rotation depends only on luck.

If your bet is played, then you get paid following the multiplier of the cell on which you made bet. So, for example, the probability of winning and paying from betting on Red or Black is 50 to 50, and if you bet on 0 (zero) and win, then the multiplication will be incredibly huge.

What types of live roulette exist?

Despite the generic name "roulette", this game has many varieties. Especially if it is live roulette for real money. American live roulette for money is distinguished by the presence of two 0 (zero), European, French, and roulette without zero eliminates the bet on 0 (zero) increasing the chances and advantages in favor of the player. The list does not end there, but it is precisely these types of roulette that you will encounter most often in live variations of the game.

Live roulette for money is conducted in the Live broadcast mode, which further enhances the sensations of a real game and brings more pleasure. Unlike simple computer programs, in Live mode, real, specially trained, pretty girls communicate with you through real-time video and chat. They spin the roulette according to your bets and share the joy of victory with you!

Are there any betting systems in live roulette?

Live roulette for real money attracted not only gamblers, but also mathematicians, physicists, and other scientists. Many tried to create an ideal system, using which a person can receive winnings in unlimited quantities, or at least extend the winning series.

When you hear such names as Martingale, Kuban, or the name Cross out, then you know that these are all different game systems. Some require keeping records of games played and bets set; others require strict adherence to bets on certain zones.

In these systems there is only one “but“ - they have not brought incredible wins to anyone yet and many, on the contrary, have crashed using them. Therefore, try each of them for your reasoning and do not lose your mind in the race for the golden mountains!

Are you ready for the game and want to start?

Live roulette for money is available at Casinonic casino and a minimum of steps is required to start the game. Being at home, you will feel much more pleasant and safer than in a real institution with dubious owners and cunning croupiers.

Remember the main thing - roulette, like all gambling, should bring only joy and pleasure, and not bitterness and disappointment. Therefore, play thoughtfully and do not dream that roulette for real money will make you a billionaire!

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