Roulette types

Roulette is very popular gambling in demand in every casino, whether it is an online platform or a land-based casino. Moreover, this fun has gained popularity for many years and holds a high status to this day. Throughout this time, many new types of roulette appeared (including virtual and live roulette variations), which have their special differences but still based on the essential principles of a standard game. The emergence of new roulette types was due to the general evolution of gambling.

The first online casinos could not please their users with a colorful gaming interface, which cannot be said about modern gambling sites like Casinonic. Therefore, today online roulette is in no way inferior to a real casino game. Below are 9 of the most famous roulette types, most of which can be easily found on the Casinonic website.

Premier roulette

This type of roulette is very realistic. The wheel movements are so real, as if you are in the hall of a casino, and not at home at the computer. At the same time, Premier Roulette has many settings and parameters that allow the client to change the appearance to taste. Along with this, a minimum bet of $ 50 makes this roulette available only to certain groups of clients.

Premier Roulette (Diamond Edition)

It was developed for those users who do not want to start with a high roll. Bets here start at 25 cents, which is more acceptable for most players. The weakness of this version is the poor reproduction of the history of spins and previous bets.

Player’s Suite Roulette

This roulette should appeal to fans of large bets. Interestingly, the developer of IGT is more specialized in creating slots for offline establishments. But this did not prevent the company from releasing an excellent product. When playing Player’s Suite Roulette at high stakes, you can break a decent bank.

Three Wheel Roulette

Another brainchild of IGT is characterized by a simultaneous game with three roulettes. Three numbers are knocked out as a result of only one drum started. This became possible because the wheel has 3 metrics.

3D roulette

An analog of Premier Roulette is from Playtech. This version has a richer interface and is also distinguished by the presence of such fields for bets as Voisins du Zero and Tiers du Cylindre. In general, both roulettes have similarities. You can play 3D Roulette on the Casinonic website at any time of the day.

French roulette

This version of the online roulette was released by Net Ent. Specialists paid more attention to details and thought through everything to the smallest detail. Improved game conditions and features, that distinguish French Roulette from products of other developers. For example, when a ball hits a Zero cell, the user gets his half the bet back.

Mini roulette

In simple words - this is a mini copy of full entertainment. It features a very convenient organization of the gameplay itself, which directly affects in-game mechanics. Also, a feature of the Mini Roulette is the presence of a reduced wheel and the use of only 12 numbers (instead of 36).

Roulette pro

This version is suitable for more experienced gamers who have mastered all the subtleties of the process (or are very close to this). A special feature is the presence of a second gaming table - a window where the cells are shown along which the ball runs during the roulette start. This is necessary since the wheel itself is located at the end of the table and the movements of the ball are poorly distinguishable. It is also possible to make new bets while maintaining past positions.

European roulette gold

Ordinary European roulette, which will suit fans of the classics. The range of bet rates starts from 1 to 1000 dollars will satisfy the requirements of most customers.

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