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In the modern world, it’s hard to find someone who has not heard about the online casino or at least once did not play slot machines for free. Today's realities are such that the advantages of playing over the Internet compared to classic slot machines are obvious.

Play online pokies on the Casinonic website for free

Gambling clubs of today is a great opportunity to play, at any time of the day or night, from a PC or mobile device. You can make a deposit or withdraw money by using a variety of payment systems and most importantly, you have an incredible variety of slots for every taste and color. The site of the Casinonic club was created specifically so that any player can play and test all the new products of gambling entertainment. We constantly monitor the gambling market and build new connections with different developers of gambling software to make possible the delivery of all the newest and most interesting slot machines for our visitors.

Thanks to the Casinonic online casino, you can learn new things, get vivid emotions and guarantee a positive experience. Here you can play for free without registration and for real money as well. As for the online pokie games, for the most part, these are slots with high-quality graphics and excellent soundtracks, special and bonus symbols that will help you get big wins, a variety of bonus games and free spins. Also, at the Casinonic casino, you will get a lot of bonuses, we provide VIP, Cashback, Welcome and other types of bonuses for our players. In the Casinonic online club, you will find such eminent slots as all versions of the mega-popular Book of Ra, Starburst, Aztec Gold, Lucky Lady's Charm and thousands of other slot machines for free and for real money.

A brief history of slot machines

Attempts to eliminate the croupier from gambling were unsuccessful several times. They ended in 1898 after the birth of the 3-reel Liberty Bell Slot Machine from Charles August Fey. Novelty literally in a year has become popular. The industrial revolution was in full swing, and people tried to automate everything.

Before the Liberty Bell, Fey had less popular semi-automatic machines. Prizes to the winners were given by the owner of the institution in which such machines were placed. Such devices stood on the bar racks and especially imitated a cash register. The form factor has long become canonical for slot machines. The popular revolutionary Liberty Bells slot is Fay’s more successful second attempt. The first, less popular development, was the Horseshoe disc lottery slot machine, for the first time it used the patented mechanism for issuing winnings, which to date is present in slots of gambling houses in Vegas, Macau and several other countries.

The creation of Charles Fey was improved by the Harbert Mills. Fey did not have time to patent the invention of the Liberty Bell, and Mills took advantage of this, while simultaneously making his own improvements to the revolutionary invention. So, he came up with fruit symbols - an integral element of classic slot machines to this day.

Modern slot machines were created thanks to the engineers of the American company Bally Manufacturing. The 1963 Money Honey slot machine uses an electric drum, hopper relay, backlight and sound speakers. Since then, machines have become multi-coin with a progressive jackpot. The devices have a radiant, vibrant interface, which later determined the mythical symbolism of online slots, they are still associated with luxury and well-being.

In 1976, the first electronic online slot machines were released, which marked the beginning of a new period in the history of gambling. They are controlled by a computer, plastic, and metal reels are replaced by a screen with virtual symbols, buttons, and background, and in 1994 Microgaming presented the first online gaming platform, which began the creation of online casinos in the form that they are now.

The birth of the modern free online slot machines

In 1976, a presentation of a completely new computer-controlled slot machine was held at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. The drums were replaced by a 19-inch Sony Trinitron screen. The slot was called Fortune Coin, as well as the manufacturing company. Later, it was bought by the American giant IGT, along with proprietary technologies. So, video slots became programs and even computer games.

Online slots expectedly appeared when the Internet became able to transfer large amounts of data at high speed. Microgaming was the first to see the potential of online games and in 1994 released the Cash Splash pokie machine specifically for online use. Online slot machines are widespread, but their financial share in the global gaming business remains low for more than 20%, although it is growing rapidly. So, from 2005 to this day, the turnover of online slot machines increased 10 times.

How to play pokie machines online for free

Slot machines (slots, slot simulators, slot machine emulators, video slots, pokie slots) - a computer program based on a random outcome. The game on slot machines has always been very popular with both professional players and those who decided to try their luck for the first time.

The rules in slot machines are very simple, the main goal is to collect a winning combination of the corresponding symbols. The winning combination is the symbols that add up on the screen after spinning, in a line or lines (in classic machines it was one horizontal line, in modern machines straight and curved paylines which can be more than a hundred in total). In new games, there is an opportunity to increase the chance of victory due to bonus options, which can be found in the descriptions of the pokie machine. The most popular additional options are free spins, bonus rounds, risk games, and special symbols.

All combinations, symbols and bonus options for each machine are individual, so before the game, you should familiarize yourself with all the characteristics and symbols in order to understand what awaits you during the game.

Advantages of free online slot machines

It was impossible to play the first slot machines for free because you needed a coin to start it. After the gaming machines evolved to online - it became possible to try them for free. The ability to play slot machines for free is in great demand: four out of five people play slot machines for free. In land-based casinos, this is not possible. These statistics expressively show that slots are able to compete even with traditional computer games.

The second advantage is that manufacturers treat free machines favorably, for them it is an effective and free advertisement. Demo versions help players to learn the slot, its features, and rules before moving on to playing for money.

Also, the Internet has made slot machines based on classic devices much more affordable by changing the concept of a casino. Anyone can access thousands of gambling sites that work around the clock, without face control and security, a real treasure for the gambler. It is not forbidden to play slot machines for free here.

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