How to play slots for beginners

The theme of easy money has always excited the minds of various people. Someone plays purposefully, wanting to replenish their card account, someone does this from time to time, just to pass the hour and relax with flickering bright pictures in an online casino, but in any case, no one would refuse to find out the secret of a successful game.

How do slot machines work?

There are two types of slot machines or, as they are also called, slots: real and virtual. Rules for both are not difficult, so learning to play them is not a problem, even for a novice player. Regardless of whether it is a real or a virtual machine, the principle of its operation is reduced to starting by pressing a button or the lever of a random number generator (RNG).

Sitting at home in front of a computer or standing in front of a slot machine in a casino, we monitor how the drums begin to spin after clicking on a button/pulling the lever. The time of their rotation depends on the speed of the RNG. And after stopping, we can only observe the result - we need a winning combination of symbols to appear on reels. The reels on the slot machine can be from 3 to 7 (seven-reel slots available only in online casinos such as Casinonic). Winning combinations, and how to place bets should be found out in advance - it all depends on the particular slot machine.

Do not think that identical pictures in the same row must necessarily fall out, this happens extremely rarely, and almost always this is a jackpot. Very often casinos offer various types of bonuses, increasing the chances of winnings.

Combinations that fall diagonally or in zigzags are also counted. Several reels can have up to dozens of paylines, which also increases the winning percentage. In addition, it is allowed to bet on specific combinations and if they fall out, you will get a much bigger win (again, all depend on the slot itself).

But the main condition for a winning combination is two/three identical symbols drawn in a zigzag or in a single line on the first two reels. Let’s take a look at the types of slot machines now.

Real slots

Real slots - slots that placed in the gambling halls. Which accepts coins, tokens or special checks designed by a particular casino. You insert the payment token and you can spin the reels. Everything simple here.

Virtual slots (online pokies)

This type of slot available only in online casinos. The main difference of online slots in comparison to real ones - the wide variety of bonuses and types of the slot emulators themselves.

How to play online slot machines

A huge plus of the Casinonic online casino is the ability to play wherever convenient for the player, and when there is time for that. Sometimes it’s enough to make a couple of bets to get a win. To start playing online slots for money, you will need to register and accept a welcome bonus from the Casinonic casino or make your first deposit. However, before clicking the Start button, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and conditions and if some questions will arise - contact our support team.

You also need to find the Line and Bet buttons on the screen in advance. The first is responsible for the number of lines to select, the second is for bets (the meaning of all the buttons on the slots can be studied in more detail on the payout table or help section of the selected slot machine).

Well, when everything seems to be clear and understandable, let’s try to figure out if there are any ways to win at the casino more often than lose.

Tips for beginners

Bets. Professionals in slots usually say: “Do not try to be greedy!” It’s not about washing down the tube half of the monthly salary in one game, but about reasonable investments. However, too small bets do not bring a win - this is the system.

It makes sense to gradually raise bet rates. It is not necessary to deposit significant amounts, but doubling initially small ones is possible and necessary. Here, the calculation is based not on the “come-see-win” principle, but “slowly but surely” principle. It’s worth trying to replay the pokie machine, but as soon as it gives out a win, stop the game immediately.

Time for the next tip.

Ability to stop. Perhaps it is the most important thing, without which it’s no sense to play for money if you can’t do that - gambling is not for you. In no case, you should pin your hopes on winnings as the main source of income.

Any game is good only as long as it is a game - we do not take it too seriously and do not spend really significant amounts of money.

The right attitude. Without it, it’s better not to start. If you have doubts or, on the contrary, impatience and excitement gnaw at the soul, then it is better to take a deep breath and ... postpone your game until the next time.

These are beginner tips which you should consider before the game. We highly recommend trying each game for free before playing for money. Play safe, play with Casinonic!

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