Online Slots Rules and Strategies

To understand how you can beat a slot machine, you need to have an idea of the principles of the slots and know the features of the particular machine you want to play.

How do slot machines work?

The game process itself is simple, the start button is pressed and the reels begin to spin. Gradually, they stop, forming a pattern of symbols that may turn out to be winning or losing. It would seem that everything is random. But real machines are equipped with processors, and for virtual machines, the software has been written that does not allow machines to give out only winning or exclusively losing combinations. Any slot machine is obliged to periodically lose to a person, whether in a real casino or on the Internet. Software developers producing online slots machines, or gaming software, lay in their machines the issuance of winnings at the stage of writing the program. A good slot machine strategy may give an advantage to the players.

Factors Affecting Winnings

To understand such factors, you need to know what the slot machine program takes into account:

  • Cash balance accumulated for previous games;
  • The number of bets that the slot accepts;
  • The player’s bet in a particular round;
  • Actual bet amount. This is the bet placed by the player multiplied by the number of lines involved in the chosen game;
  • The RTP of the slot machine. RTP (return to player) - the part of the money the machine will give out to the player, and which part it will take to itself (the casino edge).

The last point is the most important in the strategy of slot machines. The percentage can range from 70% to 98%. Slots with the RTP of 97% and higher - give winning combination pretty often, but they will be lower than the initial player’s bet. The slot machines with the RTP of 70-90% will drop you winning combinations rarely, but with the much greater sum of money in comparison to the initial player’s bet.

You need to understand that the secrets and strategies of slot machines can be different on various slots. But in any casino and on any slot machine you should use several rules:

  • The free spins, which can increase the chances of winning. You should choose slots with Scatters;
  • Choose machines with jackpot set, but set minimum bets. If the machine will give out a win, then in the case of a jackpot, it will be a large amount regardless of the initial bet;
  • For slots with rare but large winnings, you need to choose a minimum of lines and use bonus games. Doubling the amount in case of victory is immediately able to recoup many small bets;
  • It is necessary to determine the limits of loss and win before the game and strictly adhere to them. Excessive excitement and greed are the enemies of the player;
  • Free bonuses can become a springboard to big wins;
  • Always and everywhere think with your head, keeping it cold.

Examples of the Slot machine strategies

To the question: how to win at slot machines, the answer is simple - choose a strategy and use it.

Martingale Strategy. The meaning of this strategy is to increase the bet rate after each loss and decrease after winning. The thing is that losing in a row happens much more often than winning in a row. By increasing the bet after losing, the gamer gives more mathematical chances to increase the initial bet and cover previous losses.

Play and run. The number of empty spins and the amount that can be lost are determined in advance. After this limit has been exhausted, leave the game on this machine and switch to another one. After winning on any of the spins (launches of the machine), you must immediately switch to another slot.

One game. A very risky strategy based on the secrets of slot machines and the interests of the casino. The thing is that among the players there is a belief that the casino, in order to lure players to a particular machine, gives a big win on the first Spin. The essence of the strategy is that you need to put a big bet on the first Spin and get a win after you won - bet with small amounts of money. This is for experienced players only.

Each player chooses the game methods and strategies for himself, based on the amount of money available, personal character and temperament. These are only the tips and should not be considered as the 100% win-win strategies. Play safe, play with Casinonic!

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