Aces and Faces

Aces and Faces video poker offers a new way to experience the game of poker. The Aces and Faces video poker offer all users to plunge into the virtual gambling world and fulfill their dreams, receiving a generous reward. Created by Microgaming developers, this virtual game brings familiar gameplay along with unique innovations.

A key feature of the poker emulator is special combinations for which the player receives a cash reward. Depending on the poker combination, as well as the amount of the bet set by the player, the amount of payments increases. All combinations are taken from classic poker and diluted with some nuances.

How to play Aces and Faces video poker

Playing this poker machine, you will get new emotions, being in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere at home. The appearance of the gaming machine is very simple and straightforward. A concise menu and additional lobbies allow you to immerse yourself in the gameplay with your head, without wasting your time on additional training and extra actions from the start of the game. The interface is made in English and general mechanics will allow you to quickly understand the essence of the gameplay and easily get used to it.

  • Aces and Faces video poker consists of several key fields, which include:
  • Main field with 5 cards in the center of the screen;
  • Additional control panel with a set of keys and buttons;
  • Table of possible combinations and payouts;
  • An information panel with data on the size of bets and the number of winnings.

In total, there are 52 cards in the set, starting from deuce (2) and up to Ace (A). All cards are generated by the system and drop out in random order, and the main task of the user is to collect one of the paid combinations indicated in the table on the gaming field.

If successful, the finished combination is highlighted in the corresponding row of the payout table, and a record of the amount of credited money appears in the information field.

Gameplay and combinations in Aces and Faces

During the gameplay, the player regulates the amount of the bet and the choice of “blocked” cards. At the same time, the system automatically tells the player which cards are best to leave untouched. At the same time, a corresponding Hold mark appears on them.

The user can collect the following combinations:

  • Jacks or Better;
  • Two Pairs;
  • Three of a kind;
  • Straight;
  • Flush;
  • Full House;
  • Four 2’s Through the 10’s;
  • Four Jacks, Queens, Kings;
  • Straight Flush;
  • Four Aces;
  • Royal Flush.

A distinctive feature of the Aces and Faces video poker machine is the payout amount for each of the above combinations. A special bonus in the game is the Royal Flash combination, which is a jackpot with an amount of 4000 credits.

Doubling game

When you receive a paid combination, the computer will automatically offer you to play the game for doubling. In this case, by pressing the Double key, the gambler will have to pick the card of a higher value than the dealer’s card.

Features of Aces and Faces

As usual, before the start of the game, you must make a mandatory bet. To do this, you must sequentially press the keys with the image of the characters "+/-". Remember that you need to set the bet based on the size of your bankroll. Do not waste your money thoughtlessly in a momentary desire to instantly get rich. Think of the game as a job or business.

Each rotation and additional activation of actions are performed by pressing the Deal key. To block cards, just click on the desired card in the central field. By clicking on the Draw button, you will go to the second round (if you need to change cards).

Video poker Aces and Faces will appeal to all fans of gambling. The game combines all the positive qualities that a classic video poker should have.

Try the game and see for yourself that becoming rich is easy, along with Aces and Faces online video poker.

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