Joker Poker

It’s not without reason that Joker Poker is considered an excellent poker simulator. The most famous card game in the world was invented about 500 years ago. Almost immediately, poker became the favorite game of various nobles. And over time, poker migrated to America, where it received no less recognition among fans of gambling.

From the very beginning, 52 cards were used in the game. But later the new Joker Poker was introduced to the world, thanks to this the deck was renewed with another card. If you want to test your chances in this wonderful game, then boldly start playing and win in the good old poker emulator.

Joker Poker Interface

The video poker game screen consists of a control panel and a playing field. There are 5 cards on the playing field, above which there is a payout table for each combination and 2 funny jesters that promise you good luck.

The control panel consists of various keys, thanks to which the game process is regulated. Before the start of the game, you should first choose the size of the bet. In order to select a bet size, you need to look in the lower-left part of the screen where you will see your bet, and on the sides of it, there are 2 triangles with + and - signs.

It is thanks to these signs that you can change the bet rate. You can see more detailed information on the payout table. Thanks to the Maximum Bet key, the bet rate gets the higher possible value in the game.

When all the parameters of the game are already set according to your desire, you can start playing by clicking on the Deal button.

After that, all 5 cards are opened, and you decide which cards to leave and which ones you want to change. To select which cards to leave, simply click on these cards with the mouse cursor, and to change the rest, click the Deal button again. In the event that you get a winning combination, the Joker Poker video poker will offer you to increase your winnings by half or 2 times, but if you do not want to take risks, you can pick up your won credits and continue playing.

How to play Joker Poker

There are 2 variations of this game. In the first, the joker acts as a separate card in the form of a jester with a cap and there are 53 cards in the deck. With the second option, any randomly selected card can act as a joker. The joker itself is used to replace a non-received card when adding a combination.

Joker can participate in any combination except a pair, two pairs, a straight flush, and a royal flush. It is also worth considering that if you have collected a straight in which the joker is involved, and your opponent has collected the same straight, but the real one, his combination will win, not yours. Although the Joker helps in combining winning sequences, the real combination will always be higher than the same combo with a joker.

Combinations and their value in Joker Poker

Almost all combinations are involved in this video poker, just like in standard Texas Hold'em. The only difference is that there is no high card, and also the game does not take into account any pair of cards below the kings.

Let's go through all the combinations in more detail:

For a pair and two pairs, you will receive a win equal to 1: 1. The set will bring you doubled winnings, a straight has a coefficient of x3, a flash is x5, a full house is x7, four identical is x17, a straight flush is x50, and for the legendary royal flush, you will receive a payout multiplier of x750.

Joker Poker Video Poker Doubling Game

If luck smiles upon you and you add up a successful combination, the emulator will offer you to increase your winnings. You will have a choice: to pick up the winnings and not take risks, increase the size of the bet by half or double this number. In the case when you are not confident in your abilities and do not want to take risks, just take the winnings.

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