Joker Wild

Joker Wild by Net Entertainment is an example of a successful combination of the rules of the classic poker and the possibilities of an online game. First things first. Poker as a card game has been popular for hundreds of years. Agree, it’s nice to spend time with worthy opponents at the poker table while developing your strategic abilities.

General description of the Joker Wild

With the development of the gaming industry, poker has moved to a different level. On its basis, video poker was developed. The circle of fans of video poker has increased with the advent of its online versions. Video poker players constantly rank in online casino listings. Among the many online versions of poker Joker Wild from the Net Entertainment stands out for its commitment to classics, restraint, and comfort of design, as well as the presence of an additional joker card that can maintain intrigue and significantly affect the winning potential in the game of Joker Wild. The goal of the game is traditional for poker - to make a combination of five cards for which a prize is paid.

In-game interface

A characteristic feature in the design of Joker Wild is a combination of conservative sophistication, high technology and maximum convenience in managing the game. The conservatism of design is manifested in fidelity to the traditions of video poker from real rooms: on the screen an incomplete copy of the familiar video poker visualized.

Technologies have influenced the development of graphics and animation of the machine: they are at their best. There are few effects, but all of them are of high quality and relevant during the game. Many functions (sound, risk game mode) are customizable by the player. The control buttons are located at the bottom of the screen. All payment options are in the table located in the center of the screen. The table is always available for viewing in one-handed game mode. This approach provides the convenience of the game: the player is constantly up to date with the existing combinations.

The main element of the game is five fields for dealing cards. Under each field is the HOLD button, which is used to select cards before the second distribution of cards. At the moment of activation, the button lights up, after clicking on it, an identical inscription appears on the selected card. There are few buttons in the machine which will help you to manage the controls in-game:

  • Bet Level determines the number of coins per round;
  • Max Bet is responsible for the maximum bet in the game;
  • Hold leaves the card before the second distribution;
  • Gamble activates a doubling game;
  • Coin Value changes the face value of a coin;
  • The main button that starts the distribution of cards and their replacement is located in the center.

The basic rule of the game - you need to collect a poker combination - is known to every fan of poker. To eliminate any gaps in knowledge of the game allows the table on the screen: a competent player will be safe with the help of this table, and beginners can learn more about the distribution options. Joker Wild plays a deck of 52 cards plus a joker. The presence of a wild card that can replace card symbols and thus contribute to winnings introduces some features into the process of creating winning combinations.

Joker Wild Game process

In Joker Wild, you should start by determining the face value of the coins and their number at stake: this is done with the arrows on the COIN VALUE and BET LEVEL buttons. The maximum bet is carried out by the BET MAX button.

The machine can change the number of hands and put the game in multi-line mode - five / ten / twenty-five hands.

Once all the settings for the game are made, you can deal with cards by clicking on the main button. Of the five cards drawn, analyzing the possible combinations, you need to leave the ones which you want to use for the formation of winning combination. This happens after clicking on the selected card or the HOLD button under the card.

Repeated distribution forms the final combination. If it turned out to be winning, the player can take a chance and put the winning amount on the line in the risk game. To do this, click GAMBLE. A screen appears with five cards face down. You need to guess the color of the card, fixing your choice with the corresponding button. If you are lucky enough you will double the amount of money you previously won, and the game of doubling can continue up to 4 times.

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