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Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency of our time. Initially, the market offers for 1 BTC were several US dollars, but at the peak, for 1 BTC they offered about 20 thousand US dollars. You can get a BTCs using mining, you can also exchange real money for digital currency.

The main advantage of BTC is its complete anonymity. All transactions are made directly, and only the sender’s wallet number is visible to the transfer recipient, and the wallet number, in turn, is generated completely randomly. To create a cryptocurrency account, you do not need to fill out any huge registration forms or indicate passport data.

Bitcoin's anonymity has attracted many gambling enthusiasts. Using crypto allows users to stay in the background and complete transactions without commissions. Besides, you can avoid problems with the law, as in some countries the tax office may be interested in where the money came from in a particular account. Today, you can pay via BTC-wallets in the Casinonic online casino.

What is Bitcoin and how to use it

Recall that Bitcoin is a digital currency. The first BTC was mined by machines using mathematical calculations. BTC mining was carried out even on an industrial scale, and many craftsmen assembled specialized mining farms for themselves at home.

The digital currency is not pegged to the dollar, euro, gold, platinum, and any other currencies / valuable metals. And its rate is predetermined on a special exchange where you can sell or buy BTC.

To start using bitcoin, you need to create an electronic wallet for yourself. Upon registration, an address and password will be generated. The address and password must be saved. For transactions, you have to use the address.

Replenishing a casino account via BTC is simple:

  • You must choose bitcoin as a payment system.
  • Indicate the amount of deposit.
  • Transfer the agreed amount to the address that will be indicated in the casino.
  • Send your address for verification, so that administrators can verify that the payment has passed.
  • Bitcoins can either be mined or bought on exchanges. Buying BTC can also be carried out through any online exchangers.

Cryptocurrency slot machines

In the Casinonic crypto-casino, there are always slot machines where bitcoins are accepted. In slot machines, where transactions are carried out only with the BTC, there are several significant advantages. Firstly, all such games were recently released, which means that the random number generator will be properly configured in them. Secondly, due to the high competition, software for crypto-casinos is configured in such a way that the volatility is low, but at the same time, the return is at a high level (starting from 95%).

Also, crypto-machines has such advantages:

  • They always have risk games and free spins.
  • The opportunity to win a cumulative jackpot.
  • They have excellent functionality and graphics.
  • They have a wide range of bets, so it will be convenient for both beginners and people with large bankrolls to play.

Blackjack with bitcoin

Blackjack is the most popular card game. In many modern online casinos, you can play blackjack even with real dealers or other users. Today, when crypto-casinos are just starting to gain momentum, it is extremely difficult to find a portal with blackjack where BTC is accepted. Casinonic platform is in demand among gambling enthusiasts who like to play on BTC.

Bitcoin roulette

Each player can play roulette for bitcoins. This game is in greatest demand, not counting slot machines. A distinctive feature of crypto-roulettes is a high spread of bets.

If in classic roulette the spread is set in such a way that players simply cannot fully use the martingale tactics, then this rule has been eliminated in the BTC roulette. As a rule, in roulettes, the maximum allowable bet is 1 bitcoin, and the minimum one-thousandth of a bitcoin. It is easy to calculate that using martingale, in this case, is profitable. Besides, in BTC roulettes, high rollers will feel comfortable.

Other entertainment at the Casinonic crypto casino

Of course, the range of games with cryptocurrency is not limited to roulette, slot machines, and blackjack. There are other entertainments available on the Casinonic platform.

Because Casinonic Bitcoin casino is interested in increasing the customer base, we offer high betting odds.

In addition to the casino games described above, the Casinonic platform also has:

  1. Poker;
  2. Video poker;
  3. Baccarat;
  4. Instant lotteries;
  5. Virtual sport;
  6. Wheel of Fortune.

Bitcoin withdrawal

To withdraw money from Casinonic online casino, you need to go to the cashier section, indicate the wallet address, and also indicate the amount of payment.

The withdrawal of bitcoins does not take much time, since P2P works inside the system. In simple words, transactions are carried out without third parties. As soon as the application in the casino is confirmed, the money will be transferred to the player’s account instantly.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin casino

There is only one drawback at the Casinonic Bitcoin casino - the instability of the BTC course. For example, in 2017, 1 bitcoin cost as much as 22 thousand US dollars. Today, the rate has fallen to 7-9 thousand US dollars, although some experts predict that by 2025 1 BTC will cost more than 50k US dollars.

The volatility of currencies leads to the fact that it is simply dangerous for a player to store money in cryptocurrency, and he is constantly forced to withdraw part of the winnings, instead of putting everything into circulation. The volatility of digital currencies also affects the player’s income.

BTC also has advantages:

  • Complete anonymity;
  • Lack of withdrawal limits;
  • Fast payouts;
  • Small minimum deposit;
  • High-quality gaming software;
  • A lot of bonuses.
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