Ethereum as a payment method at Casinonic casino

Ethereum is a payment system that does not have a specific control center, it is open to any user and is not controlled by anyone. Any owner of Ethereum is confidential. The commission when transferring Ethereum does not depend on the amount of payment, the sender pays for the amount of data in the block in which his transaction is included. Casinonic platform accepts deposits with Ethereum. Ethereum can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Ethereum is historically one of the first cryptocurrencies ever created, and therefore one of the most popular (after Bitcoin of course). The countless exchanges on which you can buy Ethereum, the huge variation in its storage methods and complete decentralization (you will never be able to confiscate or freeze Ethereum since everyone has equal rights) make using this payment method quite simple and convenient.

How to buy and sell Ethereum?

On a large number of exchanges, you can buy Ethereum. Typically, the algorithm is as follows: register your account, go through an identity verification (on most exchanges), deposit money into your account through a card or some other supported system and buy on the Ethereum exchange. Your account on the exchange will include a wallet on which your cryptocurrency will be stored. With the help of this wallet, your operations will be subsequently carried out.

Sale of Ethereum can also be carried out through a wide range of exchanges, usually, you can buy and sell Ethereum for a dollar in the same place.

How to deposit with Ethereum?

Transfer of funds is possible to other Ethereum wallets. It takes several minutes and is subject to a floating fee depending on the network load (currently 25-40 cents). You just need to provide wallet ID and sum, if you want to withdraw money procedure is the same. You need to provide your wallet ID and desired sum for withdrawal. Depositing\withdrawal with cryptocurrencies probably is the easiest way possible.

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