Bonus Rounds in Slot machines

Slot machines with bonus rounds, as the name implies, are slot machines in which there are also bonus rounds available. The player can launch such bonus rounds and win either a cash prize or additional spins in different ways - this depends on the rules and specifics of a particular slot machine.

How to play on bonus slot machines - game description

In order to launch the bonus rounds and get the opportunity to participate in the bonus mini-game, each player needs to fulfill certain conditions. For classic bonus slot machines, the condition is very simple - you need to have several bonus symbols on one line.

Of course, for each slot machine, this condition is individual - in order to open the bonus round, you need to collect, for example, three $ symbols on one line, in other games - several winning symbols on the diagonal. It is difficult for a novice player to get confused in the rules. However, each bonus slot machine has a separate table with the indications of the necessary symbols and combinations for receiving the bonus round.

In video poker slot machines, the condition of the bonus round is even simpler - in order to be able to increase your winnings, you just need to win the next game.

In some slot machines, there are essentially no bonus games - and the whole bonus round comes down to the fact that having received a certain combination of symbols, the player automatically makes the next spin for free. In others, bonus mini-games can be very diverse: arcades in the style of “find an item” or guessing a card/symbol, and so on.

Fans of classic one-armed bandits and similar virtual simulators of 3 reel slot machines - will not be able to get acquainted with bonus rounds. Bonus slot machines are the modern games in online casinos, replete with various mini-games, and you should not forget about this when choosing the right slot machine for the game.

What can be won in bonus rounds?

Despite hundreds of different slot machines with bonus rounds, the variety in terms of player gains is not so great. All you can get by participating in the bonus rounds is, firstly, additional free spins, and secondly, a certain bonus to win (this option is more often found in video poker machines with bonus rounds).

The bonus spins that a player receives for winning the bonus round are an opportunity to make one or more spins without betting real money. Having won on such a Spin, the player has every right to receive his winnings - the amount of winnings does not depend on whether the player made a bet or received a bonus spin.

The additional bonus for the win can be different: this is an increase in the previously received winnings by several times (most often - doubling), and a certain amount to win in the form of a bonus. Perhaps the most pleasant variant of such a bonus is a multiplier: winning a bonus round, the player instantly receives a win multiplied by a certain number (for example, the multiplier x2 (doubling), x3, x5 and so on).

Video poker machines with bonus rounds

Most types of video poker machines, which can be found on the Casinonic website, provide bonus mini-games for gamblers. For example, in the most popular type of video poker Jacks or Better, a player, having won the main round, can increase his winnings several times due to bonus rounds. All you need to do for this is to take part in the mini-game, agreeing to double the bet. After that, the player receives an additional five cards, one of which is face up - and of the four remaining cards, you need to choose any card randomly. If the selected card is of higher value than the one face-up, the player wins the bonus round - and doubles his winnings. If the selected card is lower, the previously received win “burns out”.

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