Features of online slot machines with a risk round and other multipliers

Many virtual slot machines that can be played on the Casinonic Australian online casino site contain a special prize mode Gamble. It is often referred to as risk round or the game of doubling the bet. Let’s take a closer look at the features of slot machines with such a bonus game, the conditions of entry and the rules of the game in the risk round.

Doubling game multipliers

Many online casino players want to play slot machines with a doubling game multiplier. The desire of many to play is associated with several important advantages of such slots. Firstly, due to the doubling round multiplier, slot machines become much more interesting, which causes genuine attention from gamblers. Secondly, playing a doubling bonus round significantly increases the profitability potential of the game process. Thanks to this round, you can increase the number of winnings for any prize sequences. It should also be noted that the game of risk or the round of doubling is an excellent opportunity to assess the strength of your intuition and the ability to make the right choice in the face of risk and uncertainty. So, the doubling game is an optional prize mode which you can play or refuse and take a winning. In order to get into such a bonus game, you should click on the Gamble button located on the control panel at the bottom of the slot machine screen. You can use this key only after the loss of any winning combination, the payment of which will serve as a bet in the doubling game.

Online slots with doubling game multiplier can be a source of good income for gamblers. The fact is that the doubling game consists of several successive stages, in each stage, you can double the winnings of the previous round. With proper luck, you can increase the initial bet by 16 or even 32 times, depending on how many times in a row you can play the game for doubling. But players should be aware that winnings are paid out only for the correct answers, and if mistakes are made, all winnings of the previous stages will “burn out”. It should be noted that most often the risk game is represented by a mini-game with cards in which you need to use your own sixth sense to guess the color of the suit of the cards. Each correct answer doubles the bet and leads to the next stage. One single mistake cancels the winnings and returns to the usual Spins, closing the bonus game. However, at the next loss of the prize combination, you can play the risk doubling game again.

Other types of multipliers in online slot games

There is another type of bet increase in online slots - standard multipliers. They are most often found in slots in which Scatter and Wild symbols are available. When the multiplier is activated, the player has a chance to increase the initial bet with a multiplier from x2 up to x1000 (and sometimes even x5000!). Multiplication of the initial bet + combinations with a special symbol (Joker, Wild, Scatter) is the second kind of multiplier.

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