Scatter symbol in online slots

Scatter is a symbol, which makes it possible to receive a cash gift, regardless of the symbol’s location on the playing field. In fact, this is what happens - the scatter is triggered anywhere on the playing field and does not require matching lines. In addition, the Scatter symbol does not depend on the size of the bet or the number of paylines selected by the player.

Scatter in a slot machine

Scatter falling on the playing field promises pleasant bonuses: good wins, good multiplication of the initial player’s bet, free spins or a bonus game. For a bonus game to fall out, there must be at least 3 Scatter symbols on the playing field. But if there are more than 3 scatters, the effect in the bonus game will be much better: free spins will be added (for example instead of 10 free spins you may get 50) or the multiplier bonus will increase.

In addition, Scatter can also be used as a Wild symbol - you immediately notice the effect of this advantage during the game.

In some cases, the Scatter symbol may not appear on all the reels, but as an option on it can appear of the central cells. Of course, this rule depends on the slot game itself.

Do I need to play slots with a Scatter symbol?

Yes, you do. When a Scatter symbol appears on reels - you are lucky and got an event that can bring good wins. Therefore, when choosing a game, many players are primarily interested in slots with Scatter symbols and bonus rounds.

5 Scatters in slots

Catching 5 scatters in a slot is a great event that usually happens suddenly and always at the right time! When you try to catch them on purpose, usually nothing comes of it. Regardless of whether you made a thousand or ten thousand Spins in one slot - this is not enough. Here it is rather important to enter a particular slot at a certain time, lucky time - the interconnection of these events will give the desired outcome.

Many players very often notice the combo of 5 scatters in Dead or Alive and Casanova slot machines.

We always recommend reading the rules of the game before playing it for money. Thanks to rules you can get some useful information about the Scatter symbol formation, for example, what triggers 5 Scatters: the size of bets, the number of lines or the time of the game?

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