Baccarat Online - Rules, Strategies and where to play

The card game of Online Baccarat is a competition between a player and a bank (dealer). The rest can bet either on a tie or on the win of a bank (dealer) or player. In total, up to fourteen people can play on the outcome of the game.

In the classic form of the game, the number of gamblers playing versus the bank (dealer) is more than 1 and they decide whether to take the 3rd card or not. Nowadays, casinos prefer mini-baccarat or punto blanco, the player plays against the casino in this game, and the decision on whether to take the 3rd card or not is strictly prescribed in the rules.

Game Purpose And Rules

As we stated above, there are a few types of the game and the rules in them will vary. But this applies only to the rules for the cards dealt, the number of decks and the conditions for the purchase of a third card.

The core goal in this case remains the equal for all varieties - to gather the composition of the cards, by the total number of points approaching nine.

Cards Value:

Card Face Value

Number of points


1 point

10, Jack, Queen, King

0 points


9 points


8 points


7 points


6 points


5 points


4 points


3 points


2 points

If the total combination consists of 10 points or more, then deduct 10 from the number of points and you will get the result of your combination. For example, you get 9 and 8. In the total 17. Subtract 10 we get 7. You scored 7 points.

Rules Of The Game

We will consider the rules for mini-baccarat, as it is the most common in both land-based and online casinos.

  1. You bet out of 3 possible options. The choice is made between “Player”, “Bank” (Dealer) or “Draw” (Tie);
  2. After all bets made, 2 are dealt;
  3. The winner is the one with the number of points closer to 9. If both the dealer and the player scored 9, the dealer wins. If no one has 8 or 9 points, then it is possible to get 3rd card. The third card dealt to the player, only if he has the number of points from 0 to 5; The banker gets third card if he scored from 0 to 4 points. If the banker has 5 points, he decides whether to take the card or not. If dealer has more than 5 points, the 3rd card will not be dealt.
  4. There may be a draw in this game (you can bet on it);
  5. Payment rates:
  • The bet on the “player” is paid 1 to 1.
  • The bet on the “bank” is paid 1 to 1 minus 5% commission.
  • A bet on a “draw” is paid 9 to 1 (or 8 to 1, depending on the rules of a casino).

Strategy Of Probability

It is worth noting that for any type of bet, the casino has an advantage percentage. It's understandable otherwise the gambling house would simply go bankrupt. So, what are the ratio of the casino edge over the player?

  • When betting on the Player, the casino has an advantage of 1.29%.
  • Bet on the Bank - 1.01%.
  • When betting on Draw - 15.8%.

* The odds may vary depending on the type of the type of the Online Baccarat game, but the proportions remain approximately the same

From this we can make a logical conclusion that it is more reasonable to bet on the win of the bank (dealer). In this case, your chances increase.

Bankroll Management in Online Baccarat

In addition to the fact that the Baccarat game has its own rules and strategies for a successful game, you should also familiarize yourself with the rules for dealing with your bankroll. In general, these rules govern bets and the choice of actions with money won – it all depends on the outcome of the game.

Basic Bankroll Rules for Baccarat

1. We determine the limits of winning and losing.

This limit is best set both for 1 game and in the long term, for a month. This should be a specific amount of money. For example, if you plan to win/lose $200 per month – stick to this sum. As soon as you reach the limits (it does not matter whether you win or lose, you should stop playing).

An exception may be only if the money you've won were larger than planned. In this case, the game can be continued, but only for the difference in the sum: winnings minus the planned income minus the money spent.

Example. You put $100 in the account and expected to get $300 in net winnings. But you won $620. Then 620-300-100 = $220. So you can continue your game for the sum of $220 by setting new limits for losing and winning - the rest of the funds should be withdrawn from the game.

2. 10% Only

Never spend more than 10% of your monthly income on a game.

3. What to do at the end of the month?

With long-term bankroll planning and a winning result within a month, you should leave 50% of your net profit for the game and planning for the next period.

4. Look for baccarat tables with the least number of decks.

The advantage of the casino will be lower. The best option for the player is just one deck. With it, it is easier to count the cards that have been out of the game.

5. Short gaming sessions

Long-distance baccarat shows a negative result and the casino always wins - therefore, you do not need to do long sessions and it is better to rely more on short-term winnings. Your bankroll should assume a minimum of ~20-25 bets. The bet amount should always be adjusted to the existing bankroll.

6. Bet on the banker

In this case, the casino advantage when playing with 1 deck will be only about 1.01%.

7. No draws

It makes no sense to bet on a draw - in this case, the casino advantage reaches 15%.

8. Commission

Do not forget about the commission on the bet and look for the lowest. The commission on bets on a banker assumes an average of 5% in favor of the casino.

9.100% win

Do not fall into the network of cybercriminals who want to sell you a "100% win-win way to play baccarat" - this is impossible. Whatever system or strategy is, it cannot give a 100% result, be realistic.

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