Types of Baccarat

The fact that the game of cards is thrilling and unpredictable is known to all lovers of excitement. Such entertainments have been around for many years, but even when an alternative in form of slots appeared, cards did not lose their popularity. And all because card competitions are elegant, aristocratic, and even entertaining for intellect. But the main thing is that for getting high monetary returns there is nothing better than playing cards. Right, the slots in terms of % return are more modest than classic casinos of entertainment, and the baccarat game is one of the most attractive in this regard.

History of this type of entertainment

Baccarat play (more precisely, in its earlier types), began at least in the 15th century, or even earlier. It is known for certain that initially for similar entertainment tarot cards were used, and only with the popularization of the more familiar card decks the game managed to be standardized. Since the game of baccarat cards is a fun thing and not without scope for logic, it is obvious that in one variation or another they played something similar, in different countries. That is why there is no unambiguous version about the native country of the game of baccarat - this is either Italy or France.

Well, at the end of the 19th century, playing baccarat cards was the main entertainment of the aristocracy, and playing it was not interesting at all, but at very high money bets. Like the friends of Baccarat – roulette and poker, the baccarat card game successfully survived to the era of online casinos. Even more than that, Baccarat received a new life in virtual format.

Traditional option

First of all, it is worth noting that the essence of the baccarat game is based on the value of cards. Players receiving a distribution gain a certain amount of points, which directly depends on the cards that have been dealt. There is also a fixed indicator of the ideal number of points and rules that determine the winner in all sorts of options for the outgoing hand.

2 cards are dealt to users, and in the future, an option is possible. It makes no sense to hold cards on hand in disguise, as in poker. Here, if the opponent sees your cards, this does not affect the course of the game.

In the original version of card entertainment, several people (from 2) play, who decide for themselves whether they need a 3 card for the extra. Well, the new game format, transferred online, has more specific rules and regulations.

Aspects of the modern format

In truth, the modern baccarat rules of the game dictate somewhat simplified in comparison with the classic version. And this is understandable. Firstly, the traditional principles needed to be adapted for online games, so that it was possible to play without a company, against a dealer (conditional or real). Secondly, modernity in principle dictates mobility, and due to simplified rules on how to play baccarat, it has become an ideal solution for lovers of excitement today.

How to start

So, before you play online baccarat, you need to decide on the type of entertainment chosen. Almost every online casino has a section with emulators of card games and roulette, where you can easily find baccarat. This will be a confrontation against a conditional dealer, but in fact - against a program, with all the basic principles preserved. In this version, only the player competes against the system.

The second option is a game with a live dealer. This format of online gambling is becoming more accessible today: many resources connect the corresponding opportunity for such clients. If you choose this option, other players may be at the same table with you, but this does not affect the outcome of your game.

Rules for wins

Before you play the game of baccarat on the cards, you need to remember the main thing: in the modern version of entertainment, the essence of the game is slightly different than in the traditional one. Yes, players still count points, but the main thing is not to get the ideal number of points. The main thing is to make the right bet.

The best bet is a bet on a draw. The payout on it is 8: 1, but the probability of losing hands with the same points on both sides is not so high. But the options for the player’s and the dealer’s victory are equal. Actually, the winnings at the corresponding rates are not much different. If the player has bet on himself and won, he will receive twice the amount of the bet. If the user bet on the dealer and the forecast turned out to be correct - 1: 1 is also paid, but minus 5%. Interest in this case is the commission of the host, which a priori provides a small profit in the casino. That is, it is similar to the zero sector in roulette.

Well, now about the counting of cards. Cards with numbers bring the number of points corresponding to their face value. Ace gives one point, and all other cards - 0. If the total score is 9 - this is an ideal card dealt. If there is up to 5 points for a player or up to 4 for a dealer - an additional card is dealt.

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