How to Play Baccarat – Guide for Beginners

The baccarat casino game is a card game that is traditionally associated with the aristocracy. Even now, in the era of the availability of gambling, this game mostly played by a huge number of high rollers, allowing Baccarat to compete in the level of bet-rates with poker. In the online casino for real money, the most popular version of the game called mini-baccarat or punto banco. The rules of these games are simple and interesting. To master the rules will not be difficult even for a novice player.

Baccarat rules

In its structure, online baccarat has much in common with blackjack. The goal of the player is to correctly set the outcome of the game. The winner is the one who manages to score a combination, the amount of points for which is as close as possible to 9. The party begins with the fact that its participants make bets. You can bet on the winning player (punto) or dealer (bank), as well as a draw. Then comes the cards deal, during which all participants receive 2 cards. If the sum of points for the combination does not exceed 5, the player can ask for one more card. Below is the scoring scheme:

  • cards from two to nine - at face value (2 points for two, three points for three, etc.);
  • ten, jack, queen, king - zero points;
  • ace - 1 point.

If the amount is equal to or higher than 10, a dozen is subtracted from the total amount and only the balance is considered. In some versions of the game, you can make additional bets - for example, on Big and Small, which win if the player and dealer have 5 or 6 (big) or 4 (small). Another variation is Perfect Pair Bet. This bet wins if the first two cards of the same face value and suit are on hand. Either Pair Bet, in turn, is paid if any pair is formed in the hands of the dealer or player.

How to win online baccarat

The main way to increase the chances of winning in this game is a rational approach to betting. If you bet on a Banco (dealer victory), the casino advantage decreases from 1.25% to 1.05. You should not abuse this bet, but if you do it more often than punto or draw, then the probability of winning increases. Mathematical strategies for baccarat are ineffective.

The advantages of playing baccarat online

The virtual version of the baccarat game is convenient to use and has a detailed description. Each player can find out all the necessary information about bets and the scoring procedure for the results of the round. Visitors of Casinonic site can play baccarat online for money, as well as for free in a demo mode.

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