How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat?

The story of the appearance of this game is lost in the darkness of centuries. It is only known that many European countries are fiercely arguing about who is its ancestor. The Italian version seems to be the most probable, since in translation from Italian the baccarat means “zero”. According to legend, the rules of the game was made by Felix Falguere, who took as a basis the ancient ritual of worshiping the nine deities of the ancient Etruscans. They threw a nine-sided bone to determine the fate of the virgins. If a girl roll out on dice 8 or 9, she was supposed to serve the gods, if six or seven, on the contrary, did not have the right to participate in religious rites, and those unfortunates who had lower numbers had to die in sea waters. As you can see, the principle has survived to the present day, although no one sends the winners to the temple and drowns the losers in the sea. But adrenaline is still provided for both.

It is believed that at first tarot cards were used for this game. Then at the end of the 15th century, baccarat came to France and here more entertaining pictures were invented for the game, especially since it was mainly entertainment for aristocratic society. Now the game has become more democratic, but still, thanks to high stakes, it is considered the prerogative of wealthy people. True, this rule does not apply to the Internet, here baccarat is a game for everyone who wants to try their hand at an activity that has not bothered humanity for several centuries.

In a virtual variety, Baccarat lost all charm, wearying players with monotony. But when roulette with real croupiers appeared on the Internet, and then blackjack, baccarat became a logical continuation of this good trend.

We can confidently say that now baccarat is on the second take-off phase, because it is characterized in almost all the studios from which the broadcast for casinos on the Internet is conducted. One of the greatest baccarat options with live dealers is Playtech's Live Baccarat.

Explanation of the widespread rules of the game

Playtech Baccarat with a croupier is a traditional baccarat. An exception is a few original bets, which are absent in the traditional version. The game process is conducted using eight decks for no more than seven boxes. The player can make the following bets:

  • 2: 1 payout - to win a player;
  • 2: 1 payout minus 5 percent of the commission – if you bet for the bank;
  • 9: 1 payout - on a draw.

In addition to these, side bets are allowed in baccarat with a Playtech dealer:

  • payout 0.54: 1 - large (a total of five or six cards are dealt);
  • payment 1,5: 1 - small (in total four cards are dealt);
  • 5: 1 payout - any pair (bank or a player will receive two cards of the same value);
  • payout 11: 1 - a pair, players (the player will receive two cards of the same value);
  • 11: 1 payout - a pair, bank (a cash card will receive two cards of the same value);
  • 25: 1 is considered the perfect match.

In order to begin competing in a casino with a live dealer, you must open the "Live Dealer games" section in the casino program. After that, select a table from the list that says about the variety of bets, the number of players, and data about the dealer. Now you can choose the bet size. The total amount of bets may vary depending on the online casino. Player is able to make bets in thirty seconds only. If the connection breaks, the user bets play anyway to the end.


Baccarat with the dealer is very comfortable, as its interface stands out for its convenient location of buttons, windows and panels. The user has the opportunity to choose one of two image modes: video mode and normal.

We start with the normal mode image:

The program window in normal mode is divided into lower and upper parts. The upper part has three separate panels:

  1. The middle panel is a screen that displays croupier who works in the Playtech studio at a real baccarat table.
  2. The left panel is a description of various useful data about the game. Here are windows with data on bet sizes and winnings, game code, variety of stakes and time of the server. In the higher left corner of the screen there is an icon with which you can turn off the video.
  3. The right panel is a set of material about the amount that was paid to players at various rates. Also, at this place you can open the chat window. In the right corner of the screen you may find the option to change the in-game view mode.

The bottom of the screen is an image of a game desk with a very appropriate design. Directly below the screen where the dealer’s image is broadcast, there is a drop-down tab in which it is possible to make side bets. Below, under the playing field are some credentials, with which you can follow the statistics on the fifty previous card deals.

In video mode:

The part with the broadcast of the game from the workroom occupies almost whole space, and the amount of info elements and panels with settings for the game is minimized. The display of coins of different denominations, which serve to select the size of the bet, are located to the right of the playing area.

All other interface elements are intuitive and do not require further explanation. In addition, in the settings you can change the speed and other parameters of the game.


Playtech's Live Baccarat offers all baccarat fans the chance to experience the indescribable atmosphere of a true casino. Friendly and pretty croupiers work in the company’s studio, by the way, only girls. The interior decoration of the studio is created in pleasant colors. Special cards with large indices make it easy to view denominations. The display is very high quality, and the interface is carefully thought out. Online casinos provide 100% comfort when playing with live dealers.

The most important thing you need to know when playing baccarat is your limit. Determine how much money you can spend per game and divide this amount by the number of games that you would like to play. Try to avoid games where you double your bets. This version of the game can capture you, and emotions are not the best friend in the game.

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