Baccarat with a live dealer

Baccarat with a live dealer is an exciting card game with simple rules, which is held in an internet casino with a professional live dealer. The player observes the process from several points of view at once thanks to the cameras installed in the hall.

Live internet baccarat provides the effect of presence and is practically no different from competing in a land-based casino. An additional plus - the player is at home in comfortable conditions and can play from every gadget, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Another plus - online baccarat provides you the chance to see the data of dozens of matches and look at the moves previously made by the participants. This lets you learn and accumulate gaming experience, even without playing on your own. Naturally, this is not possible in a real casino.

The appearance of the baccarat playing field with a live dealer

The best Live Baccarat provider for internet casinos is EG (Evolution Gaming). The developer offers several options for the game, including Baccarat Squeeze with multi-camera shooting, which provides cinematic quality, full presence effect and gives the most thrill.

The live dealer baccarat game from EG is an active, exciting and addictive game where the chance to make extra bets, watch statistics and monitor the progress of the gameplay is implemented. Thanks to this, the seemingly boring computer version of baccarat won a lot of fans again.

How to play live baccarat: briefly about the history and rules of the game

The essence of this card game is to score as many points as possible using two or three cards. In the old days, baccarat was considered a game exclusively for wealthy aristocrats, since high stakes were always made in it.

Baccarat has always been considered a game of aristocrats

Modern online baccarat with a live dealer also has a rather high level of bets. But the amount of winnings in it is very high!

According to legend, the Italian Felix Falguere created baccarat, based on the Etruscan ritual of worship of nine gods. A virgin became a priestess if she threw 8 or 9 on a nine-sided bone, excommunicated, if she received 6 or 7, was brought as a gift to the sea, if she threw out a number less than 6.

Modern baccarat, in fact, has retained these rules. But the outcome has become less dramatic.

The game involves the participation of two parties: the player and the dealer. Initially, two cards are dealt. The goal is to score 9 points or an amount as close as possible to 9. Ace gives 1 point, cards 2 through 9 are rated according to face value, tens and characters are 0 points.

If the amount received is 10 or more, a dozen is deducted, and only the remainder is taken into account when calculating the result. Let’s say, on hands 7 and 5, in total 12. Subtract a dozen, it turns out 2 - which means there are 2 points on hand.

Bets both in traditional and online baccarat are placed on one of the fields: “Player” / “Bank” / “Draw”.

After the cards are dealt, points are scored; the person who scores 9 - wins. The one who scores 8 also wins if the opponent has less points. Initially, two cards play in baccarat, the highest winning combination is 9 points.

Quick list of rules and features of live baccarat

If none of the participants has 8 or 9 points, it is possible to get a 3rd card. There are special rules:

  • The player gets the third card first if he has less than 7 points.

Then the banker receives the card if he has less than 7 points:

  • when there are 6 points, a card is given if the player after the 3rd card has 6 or 7 points;
  • if there are 5, a card is given if the player after the 3rd card has from 4 to 7 points;
  • when there are 4, a card is given if the player after the 3rd card has 2 to 7 points;
  • if there are 3, the card is always given, unless the player has 8 points;
  • when there 0 to 2, the 3rd card is always given.

The final scoring is carried out when the banker took (or refused to take) the 3rd card. The winner is the participant with a large number of points.

Even a child can figure out how to play live baccarat. After a few games, scoring comes to automatism and is absolutely straightforward. The game takes very little time, so fans prefer to play live baccarat as soon as there is a free minute: at lunchtime, on a trip, before bedtime.

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