Baccarat types with live dealers

If you think that baccarat in a live casino can be of only one kind - you are mistaken! Firstly, you can play baccarat with live dealers from Asia, Europe, America and even Africa! Dealers often speak several languages, which allows players from all over the world to find a live platform for playing baccarat.

Experience and pleasant appearance of dealers will ensure an enjoyable game for any regular of the casino. In addition to all standard baccarat features, the broadcast has a video stream in high definition, and available from different angles. Even if you don’t have a microphone, you can chat in real time via online chat.

Regardless of what language you speak or what currency you play, and what bet sizes you prefer to play on, we are sure that you can find a table for playing baccarat to your liking. Below we present to your attention the most popular types of live dealer baccarat.

Speed baccarat live

The live baccarat game itself is quite dynamic. On average, one round takes about one minute, but Speed Baccarat Live managed to reduce the round time to 27 seconds! All this allows you to experience the adrenaline of excitement even faster and even more dynamically. In this type of live baccarat, the same categories of bets are available as in the standard live version, however, to speed up the game process, cards are immediately dealt face up.

Baccarat squeeze live

Like in Speed Baccarat Live, in Squeeze the cards are dealt face up. Every card except the dealer’s cards, and the dealer himself, after dealing, slowly opens his cards and looks at the value of his combination without announcing the result, thereby holding intrigue for some time. Such baccarat was mainly played only in land-based casinos, but now, thanks to live broadcasts, you can play real baccarat without leaving your home!

VIP Baccarat

If your pockets are empty this game is not for you. VIP Live Baccarat, like the original baccarat, is only available for moneybags. Here they play big. This type of live baccarat can simultaneously play up to 7 people. When dealing, the dealer uses eight decks of cards. This game has the option available to the player to “take a sneak pick” on cards and find out the result before the announcement.

Progressive live baccarat

Progressive Live Baccarat - a standard version of baccarat plus the ability to bet on a jackpot (the rules for drawing which depend on the broadcast and the studio). As in the regular version, up to 7 players can play in Progressive Live Baccarat, when you win the jackpot bet, the amount is distributed among all the players who bet on the jackpot.

In Casinonic you can play all these and many other versions of Live Baccarat after registering and making a deposit. Unfortunately, playing live games is not possible for free and without registration.

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