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One of the most famous card games is Blackjack. One of the interesting facts can be considered that the peak of popularity occurred in the mid-twentieth century. Despite its more than five hundred-year history, twenty-one (Blackjack) was considered a fairly primitive game until the laws of probability theory were discovered. After that, professional players noticed the fact that by counting cards in Blackjack, you can achieve an advantage over the casino. In response, gambling houses pushed through a law banning card counts and slightly changed the rules of the game itself. But online casinos cannot follow the players and ban them for card counting (you can do that in online casinos), so Blackjack is again gaining popularity.

The principle and rules of the card game

The rules of the game in Blackjack are quite simple. All cards with pictures are ranked as a ten, cards with numbers go at their face value, and the ace can take the one or eleven points (depends on the variety of blackjack game and situation). The bottom line is to collect a combination of cards, the sum of which will be twenty-one or as close to it as possible. The client always plays against the casino. Even if a multiplayer game is provided, gamers cannot influence the course of the game of another person or interact with each other. Moreover, most blackjack gaming tables in online casinos allow one client to play simultaneously on several hands.

The gameplay boils down to the following:

  • The dealer deals two cards to himself and the player. Client’s cards are always open; dealer’s – one open and one closed.
  • The client, having estimated the amount of card points, decides whether he should get another card or not.
  • In the case of busting (score more than 21), the client loses.
  • If the player has stopped, the dealer opens his cards and get more cards if necessary (usually if dealer has less points than 17). Some casinos impose certain restrictions on the dealer. So many dealers in-game always take another card with a "soft" seventeen (a combination of an ace and one more card). With this solution, online casinos slightly increase the chances of the client to win.
  • If Blackjack is a combination of an ace and a jack, the player automatically wins, even if the dealer has the same cards. Initially, Blackjack considered only combinations with black suits. But many casinos have evaded this rule, since the probability of such a combination is too small.

Due to the fact that the client constantly makes decisions that affect the gameplay, Blackjack is considered the most profitable game in the casino.

Additional player features

Just picking combinations of cards would be too boring. That is why over the centuries, several special actions have been introduced for the player. These opportunities have become so effective that many famous players were even able to equalize their chances with casinos. By playing Blackjack you can:

  • Surrender before you finish your part of the round. You have a chance to get half the bet if the dealer card is too strong. A very convenient opportunity, since the player always sees his cards and one picture of the dealer.
  • Split cards into two hands. The opportunity opens with two identical cards. In this case, each hand is played separately. The number of splits may be limited by the terms and conditions of a particular online casino or the game itself.
  • Double bet. The most popular action, which allows you to significantly increase the amount of the prize. But it is worth considering the fact that at the same time you will definitely get one more card. After which, the dealer will begin to take cards for himself.
  • Blackjack insurance from the dealer’s hand. An innovation that has not received wide popularity. The opportunity appears when the first dealer card is an ace.
  • Based on these possibilities and the laws of probability theory, special rules have been developed that help any player increase their chances.

How to increase the probability of winning in Blackjack

First of all, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to evaluate not only your cards, but also the first dealer card. Only in this way you can count on success if you adhere to the following rules:

  • You always need to separate aces and eights. In this case, never split the cards value of ten, five or four.
  • Always give up if you have fifteen and the dealer has ten with solid combinations. With soft cards, STAND at sixteen points against the first card of a croupier with a face value of nine, ten, one or eleven.
  • Do a double with cards from three to six, but only when you have eighteen. Always take with soft 18, if the dealer has a deuce, or cards higher than seven.
  • Always stop at a solid seventeen.

Remember that all strategies are not designed to win in a particular round, but to increase your profit over a long period of time. Always take into account your bankroll, count every dollar and you will not lose your money in a one run. Every game on the Casinonic website can be played for free before the play for real money. And most importantly – play only if you have fun during game!

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