Classic Single Deck Blackjack

Any visitor to a casino should master single-deck classic Blackjack, because this is a game that millions of fans play. Even if you don’t like this particular variety, you should study it at least in order to better understand classic Blackjack.

Classic Single Deck Blackjack is an online Blackjack game played with one standard 52-deck. Cards are shuffled prior to each deal. The range of bets is determined in each individual online casino and is often quite wide - from 10 cents to 500 USD/EUR/GBP per box.

In this traditional edition of Blackjack, the dealer immediately gives two cards, one of which lies face down. If the croupier opens the card - an A or a Ten, he peeks into the card that is closed, checking for Blackjack combination. If he really has Blackjack, the player’s boxing immediately loses. When the client also has Blackjack, a draw is declared.

The power of the cards in classic Blackjack Single Deck is standard for this game. Scoring is traditional. Winning boxes are paid 1: 1, blackjack - 3: 2.

Quick description and rules for the Traditional single deck Blackjack game:

  • the dealer stops at hard seventeen and takes the card to soft seventeen;
  • a Double can be made only on the first two cards;
  • double prohibited after Split;
  • Split is allowed on the first two cards of the same point quantity (even of a different face value);
  • Player can play on different boxes at the same time;
  • Splitting aces is done only once on the box, and one card is dealt to each box;
  • a dozen and an ace on a box formed after the split give twenty-one points (not considered as a Blackjack combination);
  • Blackjack insurance is allowed during an open ace at the dealer’s hand. It forms half of the boxing bet and is paid 2: 1.

At the beginning of the game, the player makes a bet, after which cards are immediately dealt. The client makes the decision on the box. After that, the dealer must compare the combinations and pay if the player wins. Regardless of the result, the dealer reveals his own cards.

The casino advantage in Blackjack Single Deck is only 0.45 percent, if you play according to the standard strategy.

Interface of the classic Blackjack game

Single deck Blackjack has a very nice and convenient interface, thanks to which the game is very comfortable. The control of the game process is carried out using the following buttons:

  • New Bet - a new bet;
  • Deal - deal cards;
  • Stand - stop getting more cards;
  • Re-bet - repeat the bet;
  • Double - make a double;
  • Hit - draw a card;
  • Split - make a split;
  • Insurance - take insurance against dealer’s possible Blackjack combination.

Payout ratios and range of bet rates are presented on the table in the corner of the screen. The most important information is in the line below the main window. Data on the win, the number of points or other result of the distribution of cards are also reproduced right next to the box. Using the settings, you can turn off the sound and change the speed of the game.


Classic Blackjack single-deck - a great opportunity to practice the classic Blackjack. The game is beautifully designed and extremely realistic. There are no tips in the game, so you should keep track of which button to press. For example, if you have 20 on your box and you take another card - there will be no warnings about a possible Busting in points - game will give you a card. Be careful and gamble responsibly.

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