European blackjack

European blackjack - a variation of the popular card game with several decks is considered the most common in the Europe. The fundamental difference from the American version of the game lies in the difference of the cards dealt by dealer. He deals one card for himself than to other players, and only after all players’ decisions made dealer takes second card.

General description of the European Blackjack game

Few key features of the European version of the game:

  • bets on one to five boxes from 2 to 50 dollars each;
  • play with six decks, which are shuffled before the next distribution of cards;
  • there is no hole card for the dealer;
  • the dealer stops at soft seventeen;
  • natural blackjack paid 3: 2;
  • insurance cannot exceed half the bet rate. It is paid 2: 1;
  • a double is allowed on every first two cards;
  • double is allowed immediately after the split;
  • split can be done three times (before the formation of four boxes);
  • you can split only cards of the same denomination (for example, J and K cannot be divided on the same box);
  • Aces are split only once;
  • after split Blackjack is not formed;
  • there is no Surrender in European Blackjack;
  • the player is forbidden to take a card on soft twenty-one.

The course of the game of Blackjack is extremely simple. The player needs to use the mouse to select a coin of the required denomination and place bets on any number of boxes (from one to five). For each you can bet different amounts of money. When a player presses the Deal button, the virtual croupier deals cards.

Next, the player alternately makes decisions on all boxes. Then the dealer collects cards and makes payments.


If a player is familiar with the English terms of Blackjack, then he can easily understand the interface of European Blackjack from any game developer. But still, we explain the purpose of each button:

  • Deal - deal cards;
  • Stand - stop getting more cards;
  • Hit - draw a card;
  • Double - double the bet and get another card;
  • Re-bet - repeat bets;
  • Split - split cards into two boxes;
  • Clear Bet - remove bets;
  • Game Speed - changes game speed;
  • Settings - tweak sound and other settings of the game;
  • Re-bet & Deal - deal cards and repeat previous bets.

The game is configured Auto-Bet - an automatic game mode where you can specify what to do in a particular situation. There is also an automatic strategy, which also available for modifications made by player (you can make some changes to the automatic strategy.

The most important data on the game are reflected in the Bet (bet size), Paid (payout size) and Balance (account status) windows. In addition, tips appear in pop-up windows, and all stages of the gameplay are voiced in a pleasant voice-over.


This kind of Blackjack game will surely please fan with the absence of the hole card in the dealer’s hand, the ability to place bets on five boxes and other options. The main drawback of the rules is the absolute prohibition of Surrender. Do not forget that all cards are shuffled before each deal, which makes the card count senseless. European Blackjack stands out for its user-friendly interface, intuitively clear to every fan of online Blackjack.

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