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Are you used to card games? Try playing High Stakes Blackjack from the famous casino games developers here on the Casinonic website. In addition to the game for real money, you can play completely for free. Surely the goal of blackjack is known to you: you need to score more points than the dealer, but the number should not be more than 21.

According to the rules of High Stakes Blackjack, several decks must be mixed together. Cards from 2 to 10 are equal to the indicated face value, and a jack with a queen and a king give 10 points. Ace count for 1 or 11 points. The most winning combination that all High Stakes Blackjack players strive for is a combination of ten and ace. It is called Blackjack.

Didn't get a winning combination? Do not worry, because you can take one additional card from the dealer until you get close to 21 or Bust. Here the main thing is to stop on time. This gambling should be approached carefully, because if you Busted, then you lose the bet you’ve set.

When to do a split?

When you play Blackjack with high stakes you should understand when to split and when to keep the cards as it is. It depends on the rules of the game you are playing and strategy you stick to. Some games do not allow splitting aces (European Blackjack for example), and some do not allow splitting cards at all. It is very important to find games that allow you to separate pairs. There are only ten possible situations where you can split cards, so learn and remember how to deal with them, it’s not difficult.

Here are five simple rules to remember when you are dealing with pairs, and the game allows you to separate them completely freely.

  1. When you have two aces or two eights, always separate them. It doesn’t matter what kind of card the croupier gets, to separate these pairs is always the right decision.
  2. Never separate fours, fives or tens. In this case, it also doesn’t matter what the card comes to the dealer for, the division of fours, fives or tens will never lead to a profitable game.
  3. Split deuces, triples or sevens when the dealer shows cards that have a pair of sevens. If the croupier has eight or more, ask for more and get another card.
  4. Split a pair of sixes when the croupier has six. If the croupier has a card that is seven or more, ask for another card.
  5. Split a pair of nines against the following croupier cards: 2–6, 8–9. If the croupier shows the seven, ten or ace, then you can leave the cards without dividing them.

If you follow those basic rules every time you deal with pairs, then your chances of winning a small amount of money will increase. The casino still has an advantage over you, but it will be reduced by your additional chances through an appropriate pairing strategy.

There is also a choice of split again, if you are lucky enough and get pairs to already divided cards. Most games will allow you to split the cards again, but some will limit this number to four per betting round. However, if you manage to get five of the same cards in a series, then you should buy a lottery ticket because you are lucky as hell.

Experience the variety of casino games at the Casinonic online casino

In the amazing High Stakes Blackjack, you will have to play with a computer acting as an opponent. The time spent in an exciting game will not be wasted for you. The classic rules of the game will allow you to quickly get in the know. High Stakes Blackjack is such a realistic game that you can feel the atmosphere of the casino.

It is very convenient that you can play not only on a computer, but also on any gadget at hand: thanks to the mobile version of the Casinonic casino, anyone can enjoy the game. Take a chance and increase your fortune!

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