How to play blackjack with live dealers?

Live blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games that you will find only in best online casinos. Try your luck in this simple card game! And if you do not know how to play live blackjack, then it will be enough just to read the rules of the standard Blackjack game to easily understand the essence of the live version.

Goal of Live Blackjack

The purpose of the live game is to collect cards, the amount of which would be twenty-one points, or the amount as close as possible to twenty-one. But attention, live Blackjack differs may differ, all depends on the version that currently broadcasted. 10ns, jacks, queens, and kings are equally valued at ten points. An ace is most often estimated at 11 points, but sometimes, according to one version of live blackjack or another, ace can be both one point and 11 (depends on the choice of a player). Other cards are rated at face value: sixes are 6 points, seven are 7 and so on.

Brief rules for playing live blackjack

What are the rules for playing live blackjack? The game begins with the players making ante and bet. Having received two cards, the player counts their points and thereby weighs his chances of winning. It’s good if you immediately have an ace and a queen (ace and king, ace and jack, ace and ten). This is an instant victory - Blackjack. The player receives a win with a coefficient of three to two.

Live Blackjack Rules

If the card combination is not so successful, then the following Blackjack rules come into play. If twenty-one points are not collected, the player can Stand and lose the ante if the croupier has more points on his hand. Or you can continue the game, trying to bring the amount of points closer to 21. Enumerating points means losing, so it is important to stop on time. After the player says “Stand” the dealer (croupier) shows his second card. If the dealer has 16 points or more, blackjack rules state that he must stop. And if less - then the dealer must take another card. Now you need to compare the number of player and dealer points. If the player’s total points are greater than the dealer’s (but not more than 21!), then the player won and wins the amount equal to the bet and the ante. The same thing happens if the dealer Busts. After the game is over, the used cards are postponed, and the rest are mixed up and everything starts again.

Features of live blackjack game

An important feature of playing live blackjack in Casinonic casino: you can play on one deck, or on six. Easier, of course, to play with one deck of 52 cards. Live Blackjack single-deck makes it easy to count the cards, remembering the cards which already out and thereby increasing own chances of success. That's why six-deck blackjack is now more common in live online casinos - it complicates the task for players, although it does not completely exclude the possibility of cards counting.

So, to understand how to play live blackjack, it is enough to remember the order of the gameplay and try to be attentive to the cards that already out. And that’s it, you are ready for the live game! But for your own safety, always find out the rules of the game in live Blackjack directly in-game menus. After all, there are many variations of the rules, and in different broadcasts they can differ.

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