Live Dealer Blackjack in the Casinonic Casino

In the world of virtual and real casino blackjack has at least a dozen varieties. Basically, they are recognized by the number of decks that participate in the game (yes, there is a one-deck blackjack available), and a set of standard rules. However, some varieties are truly striking in their originality. For example, Blackjack with live croupiers – this is something special, you definitely need to try this.

The card game of Blackjack is the most intellectual casino game for money among the other games that are found in modern virtual gambling institutions. In it, a lot depends not only on luck, but also on the professionalism of the player. The chances of winning increase significantly when card counting, and other techniques are regularly practiced. In classic online Blackjack this is not possible, but blackjack with live dealers in casinos leaves a theoretical possibility and increase player's edge over casinos. It’s impossible to see and count cards in standard online Blackjack, but in live version of this game - you can count cards because all cards dealt by the real human being and not the computer program.

How the real-time variation of Blackjack works?

Playtech real dealer blackjack is a classic blackjack game. The player needs to get more points than the live croupier, but do not exceed twenty-one. Winnings are paid automatically. Blackjack is paid 3: 2, and Insurance 2: 1. Clients can make main bets ranging from 5 to 50 dollars, as well as additional bets on a pair of dealers or a pair of players in the range from 2 to 100 dollars. This casino game for money can be held with the number of players from one to seven.

The game is played by eight regular decks of 52 cards, which are dealt from the shoe. The dealer picks up two cards (closed and open) and completes the set of cards on hard and soft seventeen. The player can make a double on arbitrary two cards, including after the split. Allowed to split and repeat split aces. On boxes with distributed aces, one card is given.

The game itself is same as the standard Blackjack in land-based gambling establishment. You need to select the value of the chips and make your bet. After all cards dealt - you decide if you want to take more cards or Stand. When all players decide on their boxes, the dealer flips his last card face up. If he does not have seventeen points - he gets card for himself. The croupier in this game only deals cards and declares the amount of points on the boxes. All payments are made by the program.

If the connection suddenly breaks or the player leaves the program before the end of the card deal rotation, the bets do not disappear. If the user comes back and the next time, he enters the game, he will be redirected to a similar version of blackjack with a RNG, where he can finish the game. If the cards were dealt and user disconnected - the game will start from this point.


Blackjack with a live croupier, like roulette, is considered a great opportunity to experience a game of money in an online casino not with a RNG, but with an actual gaming club member who deals genuine cards. Of course, it is unlikely that the player will be able to effectively practice shuffle tracking, card counting and other techniques, but he will be able to plunge into the mood of a live casino.

The studio employs polite and very nice croupier girls. The game played with special cards which have large indices. The hall from which the translation is conducted differs in a sophisticated interior. In general, there are everything done right for you to have a terrific season playing Blackjack.

The Casinonic online casino offers a variety of blackjack games: American Blackjack, Hi Lo 13 European, Double Exposure, Blackjack Surrender, Pirate 21, European Gold and many others. The basic rules are common to all games, the difference is in the form of bets. Or certain rules when receiving cards. So, each game has its own highlight and until you start playing, you won’t be able to evaluate it. Play any Blackjack game on the Casinonic website now!

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