Online Blackjack Rules and Strategies

Perhaps the most popular online casino game is blackjack. It can be played in any casino, both on the Internet and in real life. The craving of users for the game is determined by many reasons. One of the most important factors when playing blackjack, the client has more chances to win than in any other gambling game. Like in many other games, blackjack strategies have a place to be. Any player can develop a system suitable for him. But when you create it, we still to stick your strategy to basic principles of all blackjack betting schemes.

Blackjack Strategy Fundamentals

If an open dealer card has a value of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, then there is a very high probability of iterating on the following cards. Busting is tantamount to losing. This is due to the fact that the dealer takes cards to a set of seventeen points or more. The user needs to be careful to avoid busting in his hand. If you have eleven points on hand, you cannot be afraid to take another card and even double the bet. But if you have 15 or 16 points it’s not recommended to take more cards.

The basic strategy for blackjack says that if a dealer opens a card with a value of 7, 8, 9, 10, then the likelihood of getting seventeen or twenty points with a closed card increases. Now the user needs to take more cards. This will increase his points compared to the dealer’s.

As a rule, in blackjack after cards are dealt, the deck is not mixed. Therefore, remembering the cards that already dealt help the user increase the probability of winning. Naturally, remembering all the cards to a beginner is almost impossible. In this case, it is enough to figure out which cards are still in the deck and make the right conclusions from this. We can say that this stage provides the basis for a more professional approach to the game - card counting in blackjack.

A large number of complete descriptions of the basic strategy for playing blackjack have been created. True, there are very few people who want to understand the numerous columns of numbers, tables and blackjack systems. In addition, most fans of excitement sit at the gaming table extremely rarely. This publication will be very useful for such players. We will try to state the main principles of the basic blackjack strategy in a few points. We will explain all terms simply and clearly, we will comment in detail on the nuances.

  • For the first acquaintance with the basic strategy, it is better to start by varying the game with several decks and stopping the dealer on soft 17. This is the most popular type of blackjack. It is found in most gambling establishments. When the player understands the main provisions, then he will be able to move on to other combinations of decks and rules.
  • To win in blackjack, first you need to remember several groups of rules. For example, it is not necessary to remember that with eleven points in hand, it is necessary to take a double if the dealer has a deuce, a three, a four and so on up to ten inclusive. It’s easier to remember that in this case it’s worth doubling with any croupier's card, except for an ace. If the user acts on this principle, then he will not need to remember all the options that may appear on the table during the process of playing blackjack for money.

Hard combinations:

  • the user STANDS on seventeen points or more;
  • a player makes a double on his eleven against any cards at the dealer, except for the ace;
  • the user takes a double of ten against any combination of cards at the dealer, except ten and ace;
  • the user takes a double at nine, if the dealer has any card from three to six inclusive;
  • a player gets a card on any number of points that is less than twelve (doubles in the cases described above);
  • the player makes a surrender at 15 if there is a ten at the dealer’s hand;
  • the player makes a surrender on his sixteen points against nine and above at the dealer’s hand;
  • on other cards, the player gets another 7 or more from the dealer;
  • a player draws a card on his twelve points against 2 and 3 from the dealer’s hand;
  • in other cases, the user Stands.

Soft combinations:

  • at nineteen or twenty, the player always Stands;
  • the user Stands at his eighteen against the seven or eight in the hands of the dealer;
  • on the rest of the cards the player should get an extra card against 7 and higher at the dealer’s hand;
  • the player duplicates on any number of points against five and six at the dealer’s hand;
  • in other cases, the player gets a card.

Pairs in the hands of a player:

  • you always need to make a split of eights and aces;
  • no need to split tens;
  • you need to duplicate two 5s versus 9 or less at the dealer;
  • do not split 9ns against 7, 10 or an ace from a dealer;
  • you need to take a card on a pair of sixes or fours, if the dealer has seven;
  • it is necessary to take a card on two fours, if the dealer has four or less;
  • in another options split is always should be done.

The easiest way in blackjack is to remember hard combinations. In practice, they are most common. From the Internet you can download special simulators with which you can train. Recall that a Casinonic online casino allow you to play for free. For convenience, you can make a “cheat sheet”and use notes until all possible options are remembered. After that, proceed to the game of blackjack for money.

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