Play Craps Privee Online

Dice along with card games is the most common gambling entertainment on the planet. The game, called Craps Privee, was played by everyone. The absolute majority of the players could hardly have imagined that the game of dice was not a simple and exciting entertainment, but a gambling game that had long conquered the halls of gaming clubs. In the Casinonic casino you can get acquainted with the history and rules of the famous Craps game, and then play it online for real money.

The history of the emergence and development of craps

As with other gambling, the history of craps is difficult to trace back to ancient times - probably it appeared in different countries almost simultaneously. The only thing that can be assured for sure is that it is simply impossible to find games older than dice in the halls of virtual casinos.

Current edition of the game showed only a several hundred years in the past in England. Almost instantly, it was taken to NA, and the latest name for the dice game was received in France. The French version was somewhat different from the English Hazard, and for the sake of difference it was called Craps Privee.

And now they are successfully conquering virtual space: online craps Privee is no different from the real one, and in order to play it, you just need launch it on the Casinonic website.

Craps Privee - Game rules and features

Only the most devoted fan of this gambling entertainment can recalculate the types of dice. Chicago, a dice bank, high dice, bluff, a thousand, four dice, marinetti and so on - all kinds of games are enjoyed by the players. In most versions, strategies are based on the peculiarities of the betting system: the combination of regular bets and Odds bets is considered the most effective. But, of course, this strategy applies only to betting: there can be no strategy in the role of a shooter (as craps call the person who roll the dice), except for a simple hope for his fortune. Craps Privee rules may vary, all depends on the software developer.

Craps Privee are played with two dice, players throw them in turn, and they must roll so that the dice hit the board on the other side of the table.

Craps Privee Betting

You can use some strategies in online craps Privee only when playing on bets. All bets are paid one to one ratio. Betting on a throw is much riskier. For example, as “snake's eyes” (bet on roll of a 2) - this bet has the greatest coefficient, 30 to 1. Also, big red, cars, ace-two - bets on a certain number on the dice are highlighted. In the Casinonic casino you can always play Craps Privee.

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