Online Craps Rules and Strategies

A quick start for newcomers - how to play craps? A large number of newcomers, were interviewed who want to try their hand at online craps and we came to amazing conclusions - a rather unusual gameplay that scares beginners is very different from other casino games, as well as a large number of inscriptions on a craps table. Yes, without knowing the rules that can be found in this section of our site, there is nothing to do in craps, but with theoretical knowledge and practical skills, craps turns into a very, very profitable game. But, again, absolute beginners should not take risks and play for money at the very beginning of their career - there is a risk of quickly losing all cash.

As in any other casino game, the mathematical advantage of a gambling establishment is laid in every bet that can be made in craps. But the most surprising thing when playing craps is that in some cases there is no advantage at all, and in other cases the percentage in favor of the gambling house is off scale. However, everything is not as difficult as it may seem.

How the game starts

Quick start for beginners - how to play craps? At the start of the round, players are invited to bet on different fields. The main task facing you at the moment is to guess the amount that will fall on the dice. Dice - standard dice with six sides, there are 2 pieces. If you play in an offline casino, then one of the players will become a shooter. Everyone has the right to roll dice; dice can be ceded to another client.

For a better understanding of the craps, we break the game process into 2 stages - a Come Out roll, as well as a Point roll. So, in the first version, the Point number will be set, fixed if the sum of the falling is 4,5,6,8,9,10. If the number is fixed, the second stage of the game called Point begins. If the above numbers do not fall out and the shooter throws 2,3,12 - he and the other players who bet on him lose, the dealer announces Craps. If the sum of the numbers 7 or 11 falls out - this is the so-called Natural situation. We continue to roll the dice until we lose or establish the Point number.

Making a bet

Until the shooter rolls the dice (Come Out stage), the player can bet on the Pass Line and Don’ t Pass Line. Pass Line - such a bet on the arrow, you win along with it. Don’t Pass Line - accordingly, a loss. The most interesting thing begins after determining the number of Point (if it was determined). To win, the shooter must throw the number again and without 7, which leads to a loss.

As a rule, clients who bet against shooters are not favored at the table, since craps tables are usually crowded and most of all bets are placed on the shooter. But at the same time, the advantage that a gambling establishment has is less in Don’t Pass Line. It’s only 0.05%. But in online craps you can place bets against shooter without fear of being hated from other players.

For beginners, such bets will be more than enough. But we will talk about one more, to know about which at the initial stage of the game is simply necessary.

Craps Odds

Surprisingly, in the Odds bet there is not a fraction of a percent advantage in favor of the casino - you play with it on an equal footing. You can put Odds after setting the Point number. Using this bet, you significantly increase the total winning sum that was placed as a bet in 1 round.

Our recommendation for beginners is to bet on Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line and don't be foolish. If Point was made, it makes sense to put Odds. Of course, the rates in craps are much higher and you will certainly get to them, but in the initial stages you should not pay much attention to them.

Online Craps Strategies

Do strategies and betting systems work in craps? Strategies as you may know, is a tricky invention and visitors to gambling establishments are very sophisticated in the development of various winning schemes. To date, countless different strategies have been developed that relate to gambling. And the authors of most of these strategies promise to turn you into rich people with minimal investment.

Before you follow any strategies, remember - all promises of success are absolutely void, they do not carry any basis under themselves. Albert Einstein himself, who understood a lot in the math and physical sciences, when asked what strategy is better in gambling, recommended stealing chips from the table when the dealer don’t look at you. And in our interesting time of incredible online offers, you can stumble on the Internet on frank nonsense that you will be trying to "match" as a strategy.

Why does this not work and how to get an advantage?

Today, there are a huge number of various computer simulations of gambling, which make it possible to test the performance of such systems in practice, simulating the launches of slot machines, spinning roulettes and throwing dice.

Do strategies and betting systems work in craps? Regardless of the results obtained, it is definitely impossible to believe in any scheme with 100%, since the human factor is not taken into account here. And in craps, the human factor has a very important role.

As a rule, experienced players have proven skills in controlling dice and, thus, can affect the results of a game session. Even if a player can even slightly, slightly affect the dice and prevent the roll of a losing combination, the casino loses its advantage.

But all the above will not mean anything, even if you have mastered the technique of controlling the dice in craps, you won’t start to win fabulous money and regularly break banks. But in the long run, the game can be compared with the results of card counters in the game of blackjack.

Recommendations for players

Play craps for free first. Learn all the rules, test the selection of craps games and only then try to play them for real money. We also recommend:

  1. Continuous practice
  2. Make bets with a minimum advantage of a gambling establishment

Perhaps these tips will be more effective than all other systems and strategies combined.

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