American roulette in the Casinonic casino

This roulette is the closest to the classic European roulette. It consists of a wheel with numbers and cells printed on it, as well as a table on which bets are made.

Unlike European and French roulette games, here on the table available additional cell - double zero (00). Thus, in this roulette you can bet on 38 numbers, but in classic roulette only on 37 available for making bets.

If a win occurs on the bet number, the player receives a win with a coefficient of 35 to 1. 35 bets are credited to the account. For example, we bet on the number 9 dollars. If we win and roll out at roulette 9, we will get $35.

Of course, you would think that American roulette offers more options for winning and chance of a prize. In fact, this is not true. In the American version of roulette, there are both 0 and 00. These numbers do not refer to any colors and also, they do not have parity. Therefore, the advantage of the casino will be higher in this roulette game.

In classic roulette, which has only 0, the advantage of a gaming establishment is 2.7%. But in American roulette with double zero, the advantage of the casino is 5.3%.

As you can see, winning at such a roulette is much more difficult, in fact, twice as difficult. But it still attracts gamers around the world. That is why we present it at the Casinonic online casino. You can play American roulette as well as live American roulette at our website. But please note, Live versions of the casino games available only to registered users.

Play safe, play with Casinonic!

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