French roulette at the Casinonic Casino

The type of French roulette has become the basis for the rest of the modern game options. This roulette game is the progenitor of all roulettes. French roulette evolved into European, American, as well as other roulette games. But European is very reminiscent of French and is also considered as classic roulette game.

Roulette got its name due to the fact that it was invented in France in the 17th century. On its field there are 37 numbers (0-36). There are 18 numbers on the red box, 18 on the black one, and 0 is green.

When the number on which the bet was drawn is paid out, it is paid 35 to 1. Thus, the person who bet the dollar can win $35.

French roulette is practically no different from the European version of roulette. But at the same time, it may have a different design or position of additional fields for placing a bet. On the game itself, this has little effect.

Casino in this roulette, as well as European, has an edge around of 2.7%.

All bets here are divided into two groups:

1. Inside:

  1. With a bet on only one payout number, and payout with 35: 1
  2. When betting on two numbers (the chip is placed on the line of intersection of numbers) 17: 1 payment
  3. When betting on three numbers (the chip is placed on horizontal lines, which consist of three consecutive numbers), the payout is 11: 1
  4. When betting on four numbers (the chip is placed on crossed lines between 4 cells), the payout is 8: 1
  5. When betting on six numbers or on two lines, three numbers on each payout are 5: 1.

2. Outside:

  1. Bet on odd or even, color, size. Payments will be 1: 1
  2. You can bet on dozens. Then the payout will be 2: 1
  3. Classic French roulette will delight you with real excitement of the game and excellent quality. With it, gambling will be incredibly interesting.
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