Online roulette for real money in the Casinonic casino

Roulette - one of the most popular games in the world is a recognized symbol of the casino. Since its invention, roulette has not lost ground. It attracts not only by the style of the game, but also with the high level of excitement that every player who puts on red or black experiences.

Online roulette for real money - game features

Roulette is a gambling game and the main attribute of every gaming hall. It is also called the "Ferris Wheel", since the sum of all the numbers in it is equal to the "666".

The game first appeared in France, and according to one of the legends, the great mathematician Blaise Pascal was involved in its creation. It was in almost every casino and has always been considered a particularly popular entertainment, both among the nobility and ordinary people. The croupier controlled the game process, which monitored the players' bets and threw the ball on a spinning wheel. The results were calculated according to certain coefficients, depending on which of the cells of the wheel the ball will stop at and on which sectors of the game table a bet has been made (red / black, single number or group of numbers, etc).

Today online roulette for real money is becoming popular, which completely copies the principle of playing in real casinos. But its peculiarity is that there is no dealer, and the wheel starts to rotate after bets using a special algorithm. Game works with a random number generator, so all of the results are random.

Varieties of the online roulette for real money in the Casinonic casino

Without zero. There is no sector "0" in it, which is a prerequisite for the classic type of game. It is believed that this roulette is the most winning.

European. One of the most popular types with a large comfortable table and a variety of bets which increase your winnings. In many ways resembles a classic French roulette.

American Its feature in additional zero sector - “00”.

French This is the progenitor of all roulettes, copies the classical roulette game principles and has a sector with zero.

VIP roulette. An interesting version of the European type, in which bets are made at high stakes. At the same time, the gaming machine pays higher wins.

Rules of the game

  1. To get a win, you need to bet on real money, but to do this, you need to register at the Casinonic casino.
  2. You can bet as many chips as want on the desired sectors. But it is important to observe the limits that are set by the game itself.
  3. Next, the wheel starts, in which the ball spins.
  4. When the rotation ends, the results are calculated according to which of the sectors the ball stopped. In case of a win, money is credited to the player.

Roulette in the Casinonic online casino works with a random number generator, so the probability of winning is the same for each player.

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