Online Roulette Rules and Strategies

In roulette, as well as its varieties, there are many different strategies and methods of bets. On the Internet, you can find many strategies such as Martingale, Ladder, and others. However, few people talk about the strategies of Probability, 64%, Snake Bet, etc. Below we present strategies that are not much talked about, and perhaps one of the strategies presented will help you gain a big win in the game of Roulette.

Snake Bet in Roulette

This bet is also called the Red Snake or simply Snake. It has gained its popularity in European casinos, but we offer to study it for every visitor of the Casinonic website.

Snake Bet Features

Snake is a bet on 12 numbers, which is why it is similar to betting on a column or a dozen. However, at the same time, it includes the numbers of all columns and dozens, and it includes only red numbers. Schematically, the betting system is looks like a crawling snake on the betting field. The size of bets can be very different.

The main characteristics of the Snake betting strategy:

  • The numbers included in the bet are 1-5-9-12-14-16-19-23-27-30-32-34.
  • Number of chips on the betting field: 12.
  • Payment of the winning bet: 35 to 1.
  • Average roulette payout: 2 to 1.
  • Chance for winning: 32, 43%.

For each number you can bet a very different number of playing chips.

Snake Bet at Online Casino

In online roulette, you can also use this betting strategy. Although you need to build a bet for a rather long time, and have to spend many chips, it has a high percentage of return. Nevertheless, there is no need to rely heavily on instant winnings. After all, the bet may not play. Do not fall into despair if that happens, try again and enjoy the game. The only thing that needs to be considered to increase your chances is the right choice of roulette variation. American has the lowest percentage of return with this betting system, so it is better to choose a different type of roulette game.

64 percent betting strategy

The name of the next betting strategy is 64 percent, the name of which fully reflects the chances of making a profit during the use of this technique.

Avid players have already realized that, following the system, bets must be placed on columns or dozens, on fields with a payout ratio of 2: 1. This system can be used both in real and in online casinos.

Bet Progression

The essence of the strategy is to correctly select the fields for the bet and increase its amount if you lose the previous bet. For this technique, the progression of the bets takes the following form: 1, 3, 9, 27, 81, etc.

The last number is quite large. We will proceed from the fact that a series of a maximum of five bets should result in a win. Keep in mind, that six or more consecutive losses are a rare phenomenon, but still found during the game of roulette. The standard minimum bet at the gaming table is $1. We will close this amount with selected dozens (you need to select two dozens). They can be chosen at random or by any principle convenient for you. As an example, let’s use the first and second dozen, taking the numbers from 1 to 24. If the bet is playing, we get a prize of $3, which gives a profit of $1.

In case of failure, we lose the bet completely and will be forced to do the next bet in triple size. We place three chips for each selected 1/3 of the field and continue to follow the methodology.

Profit calculation

To understand the principle of the strategy, let's look at why we increase the size of the bet three times, although it is usually customary to double it. However, if you double the amount of the bet, then for the second rotation of the wheel, we need to put two chips. Winning will bring 2 * 3 = 6 dollars of profit. Subtract the bet in the first ($2) and second ($4) round. Get a zero balance gain. The progression of the increase in bets is calculated taking into account a three-fold increase with each new loss in order to provide the player with a profit in consecutive bets. The strategy guarantees us the same level of income at any stage of progression. Even if you have to bet $81, the profit per round will be only one dollar.

Basic Probability Strategy

This type of strategy will appeal to novice players. After all, this betting system does not need skills or special knowledge. In addition, you do not need any experience of playing roulette online.

To try the strategy, we need the results of the last 37 games in the roulette, which we intend to play now. As you know, 37 is the total of numbers on the roulette table. Moreover, it is no coincidence that as many games have to be considered.

It is best if we play 37 games ourselves. You can spin the roulette without bets (free), but be sure to remember the result of each spin. What roulette to play - only the player decides. However, note that in Live Roulette the game is continuous, it does not depend on the actions of the player. Therefore, you can simply follow the results without bets, wait for the 37th rotation and start your game.

Ideally, the probability of falling out of each number is the same. This probability is about 2.7%.

When we get 37 numbers after the same number of free spins, you can start the game. To get started, analyze the result. Find the numbers that have never been dropped, as well as those that appeared only once. You should choose 13 such numbers. If there are more than 13 numbers, choose the ones you like the most.

Next, make the same bets on each of these 13 numbers. The bet rate can be any you want. Let's say we bet a dollar. In total, we will make bets with 13 dollars.

Spin the wheel. There will be a high probability that the desired field will drop out immediately. In addition, we can get a win of 22 dollars.

If there are no winning numbers, then what?

In this case, raise the bet. If you bet a dollar, then the next bet should be at least two dollars. Then you can get 44 dollars of winnings. This will not be a net win, since at the first bets you have already lost a certain amount of money, but you can recoup the sum you lost previously and make another bet with that money again.

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