Roulette types at the Casinonic online casino

A great number of roulette games, including virtual ones, have already been invented. Some differ dramatically, while others almost copy the classic version of the game. Nevertheless, they are all interesting in their own way and each of them will surely find its players.

Classic roulette games

All roulette games can be divided into several groups and according to various criteria. There are basically two main groups - real roulette and online roulette games.

On the other hand, classic roulette games can be distinguished, which have a history of several hundred years. For example, French roulette, with which it all began. Later, the European roulette appeared, which, with few exceptions, repeated the essence of the French version.

20 years later, residents of the United States liked the idea of this simple wheel and they, slightly modifying the game table, called their game American Roulette. By the way, in it the chances of a player for winning were significantly reduced.

Online Roulette Games

The opposite group - the types of roulette games that appeared later and, most likely, because of the development of Internet technologies.

Now we will try to list all the currently existing roulette games which can be played here, at the Casinonic online casino. Online gambling is in interest for many due to legislation that prohibits gambling in real establishments. Moreover, the opportunity to play normally remained only in Las Vegas and Macau.

Travel to the shiny Las Vegas is far and expensive, but in online roulette anyone can play right at home if you have an Internet connection.

You can play all versions of the roulette (among which are crowd’s favorite American and European roulette games as well) in the Casinonic online casino.

Besides classic variations of the roulette in Casinonic there are also such options as Live roulette, Lightning-roulette, roulette 3D, Roulette with Track, roulette without zero and many others. Each game is interesting in its own way. Now, let us talk briefly about each of them. We will not describe all the subtleties and nuances of these roulette games here, because each game is worthy of a separate review article.

Let's start with Live roulette. It is interesting because this type of roulette carried out continuously in multiplayer mode. At the same time, several people are connected to the gaming table and see the same results thanks to live broadcast from the studio with real dealers and tables. That is why, live roulette is as close as possible to real roulette. The game is held with a professional gambling equipment and dealer who has a lot of experience in such activities.

The next variation is Double Ball Roulette. The main difference of this game is that there is two balls played simultaneously on the roulette wheel. The odds in this game thanks to two balls are higher but the winning amount a bit lower.

Roulette with a Track is a relatively new and quite interesting game. It is very similar to the classic European roulette, with the only difference being that next to the betting field there is also a track - an oval field with cells for bets. Using the track, you can combine various betting options that are not available in the classic version of the game thanks to which you can try new strategies.

The Casinonic casino also has “exotic” type of roulette – Roulette without Zero. The advantage of the user in such a game is much higher, because one of the 36 numbers will definitely fall out. A large number of strategies and systems for playing online roulette are best tested on roulette without zero, because their effectiveness in this case increases significantly.

The Casinonic online casino also has modern colorful roulette games, such as 3D roulette, HD roulette, Turbo Roulette, Multi Wheel Roulette and many others. All the rules of the game in these roulette games are completely standard, but they differ only in the speed of the gameplay and odds.

It does not matter how many roulette types there are, the fundamental principles will remain unchanged. However, remember, before you try your luck and start playing for real money, make sure that this money is not the last in your budget.

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